Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Speaking Of Incels

Calling someone an incel to insult him is so typically American, I have never seen it used as a slur in my own country, probably because we don't judge a man's worth by his capability of getting laid. Of course, with pr*stitution legalised, every man can technically get laid whenever he wishes to, and yet, most men without a girlfriend don't spend all of their free time running after wh*res as they prefer more meaningful relationships.

One thing I don't get is why so many American men are so fearful of mean words some witch is throwing at them in an online discussion. They fall all over themselves trying to prove that they aren't, in fact, incels and are happily married or have a girlfriend or whatever to some internet harpy.

 She isn't trying to have an intellectual discussion with you any more than a man who calls a woman a sl*t is trying to make a compliment. She is out there trying to shame you back into deference whenever you try to criticise female behaviour which is very typical of internet feminists.

Honestly, guys, your women are often so annoying because you keep indulging them, not even the real ones in your life, but some stranger on the web. I guess this is an example of toxic chivalry a certain blogger kept talking about...Real chivalry should be reserved for ladies only.


  1. Just heard an MSNBC anchor use the word "incel" and I could not believe my ears. She seemed to -quite literally- be conflating the tendency to mass murder with celibacy.


  2. Amazing. What began like some sort of internet slang is now in mainstream media. Wasn't there a book called "Authoritarian Personality" which stated that to prevent another world war they should encourage people to pursue s*x all the time and that traditional morals led to fascism or something? What used to be a conspiracy theory has now become mainstream...