Friday, June 3, 2022

Germany, Here We Come!

 So the next day we jumped in our car and drove all the way to Cochem on the Mosel where we originally were planning to rent a room and stay overnight but quickly changed our mind since it was practically impossible to find anything decent and not too expensive and we didn't feel like wasting our time searching. There were all sorts of tourists running around, and the fact that in the mountains nearby a very important car race was taking place didn't help, either. 

On our way back we chose to forgo the autobahn and drove by the Nuernburg Ring (the famous race circuit) and let me tell you, it's been long since I've seen crowds like this. We visited a gas station where they sell special race benzine and I bought some nice magazines. I missed those! 

Then we chose the road which went through the village which had been flooded last summer. It was a horrible sight. The whole of the centre is destroyed, like a war happened or something. Ruins everywhere. I'm so happy we didn't go there last year, all because I was so hesitant about their mask rules, otherwise we'd probably be shown on the TV as some of the victims, too!

Speaking about masks. They are abolished in Germany, except in public transportation. You don't see tourists wearing them. Yet, as we parked our car close to a big supermarket we saw quite a lot of local population wearing them. I was especially impressed by 2 examples, both spotted at the parking lot in fresh air, mind you. One was a middle aged lady who pulled hers down to light a cigarette. I mean she was afraid to catch the virus outside with virtually no one around, but wasn't bothered by lung cancer, leukemia, heart attack, COPD etc etc.

The other two were young men, practically boys of about 18, both very fit and thin, wearing their N-95s up to their eyes on the empty parking grounds. To think, that their men once conquered nearly all of Europe and half of Africa. And they are supposed to defend us in the case of war??? Somehow, I don't see them on the Eastern Front, if you know what I mean. At least here, most anyone dropped their masks one week before they were officially abolished back in February. 

Here practically no one wears them any more, outside of very old people. Even though somebody told me that all her colleagues were down with corona so the virus is still freely circulating and nobody seems to care. Germans had a test centre in the middle of Cochem, here I think they are mostly closed as you are supposed to do a self test (saves the gov-t money). Speaking of money, the benzine prices started rising again. Germany is lowering their gas tax this weekend, it's supposed to become 50 cent cheaper which is a lot. Really hope that we follow suit!

And now, the pics:

And a bonus one, me in my summer villa:

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