Tuesday, April 20, 2021

They Still Make Decent Movies


Here is another movie review. Ice is a British B-film from about 2013 and it's surprisingly good, if you don't mind its premise, namely man-made global warming and its consequences (and some propaganda about refugees). The main character is a climate scientist Tom Parker (a Brit, of course) who is trying to stop  Arctic oil drilling, predictably with little success. When the disaster finally strikes, he tries to get back to UK to save his family. 

Ice reminded me of American disaster movies from the 1980s. The protagonist is a European male, there is no s8x or nudity, little graphic violence and mild swearing, diversity isn't obnoxious and even a female sidekick isn't some *itchy stronk womyn but rather sympathetic and even more or less realistic. Tom's wife, who is a homemaker instead of complaining that he is a workaholic who is never home actually tells him to go do his duty. 

There is self-sacrifice and keeping a stiff upper lip and boys saving girls who predictably get hysterical when they should and a manly man who is equally good with scientific research and assault weapons and who finally comes home to his family. It is actually quite scary because it makes you realise that if a catastrophic event really occurs, it's every man for himself, as there will be neither government nor police to help, and the female survival will depend on men in her life.

It's quite entertaining, too, and can be watched for free on YouTube.

Ice Part 1

Ice Part 2  

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