Saturday, April 3, 2021

Criticising Female Entitlement

 It doesn't happen very often nowadays, but I actually did find a recent movie doing exactly that, criticising an entitled female. (Yes, it's going to be yet another movie review, please be patient:)

It's called Beautiful Beast and can be watched over here.

Despite it being yet another chick flick, I liked it more than your average Hallmark movie, it's less saccharine sweet, and has some elements of a real drama. 

The main character is a wealthy New York socialite called Isabelle who is about to turn 30. Her parents died and she was raised by her (very indulgent) uncle who is also her financial guardian and has the power to cut her off which he refuses to use even though Isabelle is blowing  her money like there is no tomorrow. She is a vain, empty, egocentric person who expects others to wait on her  hand and foot, especially if they are less fortunate. 

Instead of attending a charity event with her uncle, Isabelle chooses to take a ski trip to Switzerland, gets into an accident and loses her way in the forest, but luckily stumbles upon a present day hermit called Jeremy who is probably the first man in her life to tell her, no, and to put her in her place. Yet Jeremy himself, though very handsome, is hardly a Prince Charming as he has his own skeleton in the closet. Could such different people ever be happy together?

The movie touches on some serious social issues which are plaguing modern day America. It also has some Christian themes, namely redemption and forgiveness, and shows prayer and (presumably) Bible reading in a positive light. It's not feminist. When Isabelle finally realises how meaningless her life used to be, she doesn't rush to suddenly find a job, but turns to charity instead. 

I also liked how she isn't rewarded with a perfect man. Both she and Jeremy are broken individuals with the past that is far from ideal, which is again, quite different from many modern romantic stories where a frivolous heroine with several broken relationships gets a white knight to rescue her from her own mistakes. 

Further there is no nudity, explicit content of any kind or "language". I would recommend this movie to anyone.


  1. Sounds interesting! I'll give it a try. :)

  2. Thanks for this, Sanne!

    Always on the lookout for clean yet good movies.

  3. Thank you! I bookmarked it to watch later.

  4. You are welcome!

    Will, I've done more movie reviews in the previous post.

  5. Will, it's right under the Good Friday one