Friday, April 30, 2021

Should We Trust MSM?

 Should we trust mainstream media narratives? My guess is not so much. Take the story about India I mentioned in my last post. Unlike some on the right, I don't think corona pandemic is fake or was planned, or that no one is really dying from it. However, I absolutely do believe that politicians all over the world have been using the situation to their advantage, and that the MSM create and funnel mass hysteria to some nefarious ends.

Last couple of days every time I go to UTube on my phone, the app shoves a new India story into my face, though I  never search for it. I watched some of them and read the comments. I don't doubt that they are in the middle of the 2nd wave and their healthcare is currently overextended which leads to more deaths and suffering. However, Western news agencies constantly insinuate the government's fault in all this to such a degree that some Indians were accusing them of interference into their domestic affairs with the explicit objective to hurt their Prime Minister.

That is the same MSM which constantly lectures us common folks about racisss. I mean isn't it like neocolonialism to try and interfere into a sovereign country's affairs? May be let Indians sort it out? Italy also wasn't doing that great last year but I can't remember constant attack on their government in the press. Also, some India citizens were wondering why do they always show the same open air cremation pictures accompanied by dramatic music, and even suggested that some images were actually from an accident years ago (a big gas explosion or something similar).

Especially British media seem to be very much involved, to me this also looks like propaganda designed for domestic use as well: isn't it great that we have vaccines and lockdowns, otherwise it could be just as bad.

India's numbers look downright scary until you remember that their population is about 1.3 billion and that it's like  31 mln people currently residing in the Delhi area and about 24.5 mln in Mumbai, and that horrible overcrowding often makes social distancing impossible. In fact, we know from the past that areas with high population density and poor hygiene standards were always hardest hit during any epidemic. I'm afraid the worst is yet to come.

Strange enough, the MSM don't draw the most obvious lesson from it all: the West is crowded, too, and if the borders stay completely open, we'll have exactly the same situation, complete with slums, extreme poverty and lack of clean water. They prefer to bash India for their problems while simultaneously shilling for big corporations, cheap labour and increase  in the amount of consumers, accusing anyone who dares to disagree of "hate".

So actually I totally understand why some folks go full blown conspiracy route, their instincts tell them that the MSM isn't that much about news any more, but all about creating narratives. The question is, if they are lying about all this, what else did they lie about?


  1. Good thoughts. No, I don't trust the MSM narrative about anything.

  2. We've been through so much the last couple of years, I guess we all have become quite cynical about things.