Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Modern Christianity Is More Akin To Satanism

 I believe one of the reasons our society is so degenerate is because Western Church (and here I mean different churches/denominations as a whole) has lost the moral compass and isn't teaching what is right and wrong any more. Do whatever thou will shall be the foundation of your morality is the 1st satanist commandment from what I heard and that's exactly the position many churches take nowadays.

Say what you want about Islam, but their religious leaders have no problem teaching that nudity in entertainment, immodest clothing, fornication etc are grave sins. Yet for modern Christians, everything is a grey area. Like yeah, living together before marriage is kinda bad, but we should really look at the heart, and their hearts are in the right place so...Or yeah, divorce is bad but Jesus would want you to be happy and if you fell out of love and this loser wasn't nice enough to you and always forgot your wedding anniversary it's OK to divorce him, etc etc

Of course, there are some preachers who attack this status quo but they are extreme minority. Most Christians will always talk about not being judgemental, and let the one without sin cast the 1st stone. this attitude of moral relativism isn't new, either. I believe it was Leo Tolstoy in Anna Karenina who mentioned that the only thing people remember out of the Gospel is this woman taken in adultery, all the rest is conveniently forgotten.

All the admonition against sin, that is. Yet the New Testament mentions Hell fire countless times (of course, modern Bible translations try to get rid of the concept altogether by using words like Sheol which don't have the same negative connotations). But modern churches chiefly avoid talking about it and are mostly busy sucking up to politicians as not to lose their privileges and inventing reasons why the latest round of liberal degeneracy being pushed is actually OK and shouldn't bother Christians at all.

That is at the best, at the worst they will push downright worship of the foreign power and supporting suicidal immigration policies as being "Christlike". Is there any wonder young people, especially men, don't want anything to do with it anymore? Women of a certain type often thrive there, though. Not only does modern church fulfill a social function for them, but it also gives them a perfect opportunity to bring out their inner Karen, or I should say their inner pharisee and to virtue-signal.

There cannot be a moral revival of our society without the spiritual guidance. In the West, it used to be Christianity, but unless the Church starts confronting sin again and substitutes feminine pearl-clutching with masculine spiritual warfare type of activities, I'm afraid some other, more aggressive culture will win in the end. 


  1. May I suggest that you look into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have a prophet and twelve apostles who teach the old-fashioned Biblical truths with power and authority.

  2. Well, my own church is quite OK, I was more speaking in general, about the societal trend.

  3. I agree about the societal trend, as we tend to be in a church group that is very sound theologically.

    But the overall trajectory of the Christian church in the West is very much as you describe. The fact that 1/4 of the churches are holding fast to the truth (a remnant, if you will) does little to comfort from the reality that 3/4 of churches are playing footsies with heresy while promoting seeker-friendly "programs" over preaching the truths of the Bible.

  4. Yes, luckily there are still smaller theologically sound churches, but how many people are, for instance, Catholics and their churches in many countries are lukewarm at best. Look what they are doing with annulments, for instance...

  5. I concur with this.

    There are many lukewarm churches out there that have been compromised, and as a result, there is little difference between the faithful and everyone else except for the claim. This is (kind of) why others become non-religious and uninterested or/and even speak ill or mock religion in general and get away with it.

    Only a very small amount of churches are doing what they are supposed to to. However, they are looked with exasperation as extreme, fringe, controversial, or even lunatic by everyone else, and that is disappointing. The places where I've seen authenticity and true-to-the-word sermons are on YouTube (Gino Jennings, Sanderson, Dowell, and others like them for example--I would like to know more preachers if anyone knows more), blogs, or on articles about them in faraway places (like Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, veil-wearing Catholics/Orthodox, Mormons, and others. I know I'm missing more).

    I don't know if this is weird, but I have this habit to know if one is a good church when I observe the women attending there, whether it is going in person or looking at the pictures or videos of one via websites--they are like a canary in a coal mine of sorts in my opinion.

  6. The majority of people in the West, Christians and non-Christians alike, currently look up to the lying media and especially, entertaining industry for moral guidance, with predictable results.

    This must be the reason behind some fundie churches' prohibition on having a TV at home, which counts for nothing any more, since everybody can just stream on their phones.

    it only gets addressed halfheartedly nowadays, if at all. And if you thought that "normal" tv shows were bad, you can find the most hardcore pr0n stuff online, and some studies show boys as young as 10-11 years old getting hooked on it.

    I do believe it's all by design, since some time ago MSM were running articles saying that men who participate in no-fap challenges are all secretly nazi. Apparently, not wishing to be a degenerate makes one a fascist.

    About Catholics, I heard Father Chad Ripperger is good. I came across some based Catholics on YouTube, but since I'm not one, I don't keep up with what's going on there.