Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Is Quarantine Biblical?

I still disagree with this guy's doctrine, but he actually does make a lot of sense:

Here is an article dealing with the issue from a Reformed perspective:

Rebellion Is Rebellion

Rebellion without a cause, currently glamourised in the West, is the result of the Revolutionary Spirit in my opinion (feminism is a part of it, strangely enough many internet personalities spend a lot of time decrying it while having a generally rebellious attitude themselves).

BTW, in my country religious gatherings aren't officially prohibited, because our Constitution guarantees freedom of worship and the government doesn't have the authority to cancel church, but they had a meeting with representatives of different religious confessions, including Moslems and they all decided to voluntarily submit to government recommendations to save lives. So this Sunday we followed a live stream (with video) from our church with 4 people present in the building: our preacher, the organ player, an elder and a deacon.

Catholics and some Evangelicals cancelled church gatherings even before we did, though Catholic churches will stay open for prayer/burning candles. In general, every country will have its own approach to the situation which is fine, because we are all different. Up till this point, I'm generally content with the way our government has handled the situation. They made some mistakes in the beginning, but started taking measures early enough which apparently work fairly well. Tonight our Prime Minister will tell us more. I'm curious!

P.S. I guess I should explain why denialism triggers me so much. Imagine you just lost a beloved relative. Funeral is going on, people come in and say, "condolences", "we wish you strength", "we'll pray for you" etc. Then some person comes in and tells you: "Well, I don't get it why you are so upset! Your relative was older and not that healthy any more and anyway, people are dying every day!" I don't know how you would feel, but my first reaction would be to slap them. Whatever your thoughts are on the issue and how different countries are handling in, please have a bit of respect for our dead.


  1. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 31, 2020 at 9:37 AM

    That was really good video. I don't usually like the way this man preaches (even if I agree with what he says), he is somehow aggressive, but now he was soothing and calm.

    I must admit I was extremely disappointed when finnish churches closed themselves couple of weeks ago. It was their own decision, I assume governement cannot tell them to close doors. But it felt so ridicilous that pubs could be again but churches chose to close their doors. I actually felt quite abandoned.

    But then I realized this is an opportunity for me to strengthen my personal relationship with God. I do not know how well it is going, but it is a chance nevertheless.

    When it comes to denialists: With their logic, everybody's going to day anyway sooner or later, so why bother with anything? What difference does it make, wether you die today or 20 years from now? Maybe we should just all shoot ourselves and get over and done with it.

  2. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 31, 2020 at 9:40 AM

    I just realized that it is a good thing church decided to give us example, how we are supposed to follow instructions. Do little bit more that is actually asked from us, for everybody's wellbeing.

  3. Well, here the churches actually closed last. It started officially this (last) Sunday while the bars and restaurants and schools have been closed for quite some time already.

    I'm glad we have live broadcasting, it really gives you the feeling of being together as a congregation.

    Yeah, Anderson has his issues, but he actually exhibits quite a lot of common sense, too. As for conspiracy theorists...well, every country is different, but let me tell you that at least, our government isn't doing it just for fun, or any nefarious reasons, if something, they had been originally inclined to minimise the problem, but hard facts drove them to action. If someone really thinks that they are risking financial and societal damage just because they feel like it, he is delusional, plain and simple.