Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday Update: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Edition

We had a robbery in the next street a couple of days ago. It was the 4th in our town, but three others were supermarkets, not a family with small kids. The neighbours on WhatsApp expressed the opinion that the robbers should be summarily shot and I'm inclined to agree. Overall though it was less crime since people are staying home more. Less traffic jams, less accidents, cleaner air etc. I guess every cloud has a silver lining?

Well more than hundred deaths per day today (yesterday was 78), but still far cry from Italy and Spain. One of my overseas relatives got stuck in Spain, btw, but luckily was evacuated just in time. We still can go outside over here, but with no more than 2 at a time not counting kids. I guess we are lucky, since my husband hears from his Polish colleagues that in Poland you aren't allowed out at all, unless for essential shopping or work, with a fine of 1000 euro (the fine here is 400).

So I went to my garden yesterday and we went for a walk this evening, because I'm getting kinda crazy from sitting inside all the time, especially when you consider the fact that it's sunny and warm. Everybody was nicely keeping his distance and there were in general few people. I guess we are pretty disciplined in our town, unlike some other places:)

Of course, we also have a roof terrace and I spent quite a bit of time there this week. Overall, I sort of got accustomed to the new way of life, and since my social life got reduced to phone calls and messages I discovered I finally had time to clean the house. Since housekeeper doesn't come any more I kinda have to do everything myself and overall it's going better than I thought (though it's a bother, of course:)

In other news, Prince Charles of UK tested positive but as far as I know has no symptoms, but Boris Johnson is sick with virus and has fever and coughing. Cats are quarantined, too, not sure, if I allow them to go outside since now they are saying a cat can catch it from humans, but not transmit, but who knows??? When outside they come in contact with other cats, so...

Well, that's all our news for today.

How are you all doing?


  1. Sanne

    I'm doing fine surviving the great panic of 2020.

    Mark Moncrieff

  2. Well, you hardly have any cases Down Under so...

    1. Panic is everywhere, the Australian government has put us into debt for decades for a disease that hasn't killed 50,000 world wide. Not much of a pandemic.

  3. Mark, I heard Bergamo is very nice this time of year. Why don't you go there and visit a hospital or two, shake hands, may be volunteer to help?

    Honestly, I'm getting tired of people trying to deny reality. Italians had nearly 1000 deaths yesterday.

    1. People die every many people died in Bergamo from other diseases or conditions in the past month?

      You don't know, none of us know, instead the entire world is panicking over something that we experience every single year.

  4. Yes, I do know actually. May be for you Bergamo is like another planet, for me it's 2 days with a car. 21 people on average die from flu in Italy, every day, vs 900+ for corona. They have normally total amount of deaths about 1800 a day, it's now much more, is it so difficult to understand?

    Seriously, talk is cheap on the internet, just freaking GO THERE, and don't forget to visit Barcelona and Iran on the way back.

    One good thing I hope comes out of it is that libertarian ideology will finally die.


    But keep telling yourself it's just like flu. Yeah, Spain and Italy are just doing it all for fun, because they like it. Last smallpox outbreak in Europe in 1972 "only" killed 35 people, I wonder why didn't the authorities "just let the disease run its course" but took measures instead. After all, smallpox death rates (10% up to 30% depending on age) are quite comparable to untreated Covid.