Thursday, March 12, 2020

Corona News Part 2, Should We Eat Pork?

The official news for today is 614 infected people, but...the government states that the family members aren't tested any more, even if sick, because there are not enough test kits. Since an average family consists of 4, the official numbers should be multiplied by 4 (and possibly more than that) for a more realistic picture.

The schools are still not closed yet, in contrast with many other European countries because of "working parents" evidently. Two-income lifestyle strikes again, I guess.

I have been doing some research online about the origins of the virus and came across a novel version, apparently there is a theory going around that it could have come not from eating bats, but from eating pork, especially undercooked pork, which seems to be a tradition in some parts of China. After more research I found a CDC paper addressing pig farmers which says that pigs can infect humans with flu viruses and vice versa, but you can't get it from eating "properly cooked" meat.

Makes one think, doesn't it? May be, Muslims are right about pork, after all? Also, why is it that the new virus can be treated by anti-malaria medication (chloroquine). Do we really understand the general virus nature and how they work?

Your thoughts?


  1. My husband and I haven't eaten pork for over 40 years. I don't trust it. Karen

  2. I hadn't heard anything about the connection between pork and viral infections, but this is interesting to contemplate.

    If I have to live without bacon, I certainly can, although I'd miss it, LOL. Gonna look more into this. Thanks for sharing the information!

  3. Karen, did you notice any positive health effects from not eating it?

  4. You are welcome, Elspeth! I'm not really a big lover of pork, the reason we regularly eat it is more of economical nature, as pork is basically the cheapest meat on the market, but if you avoid steak and other expensive cuts it's not that big of a problem. We only seldom eat bacon so I could manage without:)

    I'm just wondering myself...