Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Some call it progress


  1. It's so true, we are trying desperately to have our own children, while our grand-grandparents gave birth to 8 and 10 children respectively. My grandmother was a modern wife and had only 2 children, she worked as a teacher being the 50s generation of working women. My father's mother had 4 children, as she was a farmer's housewife with elementary school graduated. But for our generations, infertility is a big challenge, who is going to work and pay taxes when our generation ages and needs to retire? My brother-in-law is very optimistic about his retirement, he pays money that nobody will pay him back in 25 years, because the children that should have been born during 1990-2013 are gone due to the abortion agenda. The only solution I see are strong family relationships and children paying for their parents needs as the parents age. In the future, people won't be able to live from the retirement money as this money gets lower and lower, now saving money privately seems to be the only alternative. A Romanian proverb says: Parents ate sharp fruit and their children's teeth have become weak. We are a weak society because we have forgotten that he who fills his house with children shall not feel ashamed while facing his enemies at his gate. What a bitter price we are paying now, generations are paying for mistakes that generations committed in the past.

  2. I always say to my husband that his generation won't be allowed to retire. Europe is broke, there are too many entitlements and no money any more. I tend to think though that our problem is spiritual sickness as it's affecting all the Western countries, more or less. We seem to have lost our collective will to survive. I don't want to be to negative though. I truly sincerely belive things can change for the better, one family at a time, if we embrace traditional Christianity and Biblical teachings about family.

  3. Yes, it's rather sad, isn't it? I was hesitating whether to post it because on this blog I want to focus more on the positive things, but then I think their message is needed.

  4. I think it is right to show the folly of our ways. It is important to lift up a mirror so people can have a good look at their lives. Only then will people question and then change for the better. After a person has a good cry then you pick your self up with determination and change and influence anyone you can influence. There will come a time that these type of songs may be outlawed. So while we still have a say let us fight the good fight.