Friday, January 18, 2013

Some Interesting Links

Before I post them I feel the need to put an obligatory disclaimer, saying that my linking to certain blogs doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with everything on those blogs, it's merely that I found some articles to be of interest. So here it comes:

Mercy And Chivalry

Consensual Parenting: The Latest In Child Abuse

My Musings About The Movie Titanic

Fun For Your Family: Heavenly Home Haven

The Uniquely Anti-modern Religion

And for a bit of humour, check this one:

Star Wars: Republican Incompetence In Space


  1. I agree with the Titanic article - I haven't looked at the other links. I didn't like the movie at all because I couldn't relate to Rose at all. I thought it was a dumb movie. I think Rose was self destructive. But that is also like the female character in Gone with the Wind - Scarlet O'Hara was a horrible woman, not to be emulated. I never understood that character's appeal; she only care about herself over all else and everyone else.

  2. I must admit that I saw the movie Titanic a long time ago while being a fresh young thing, but even then I disliked it for some reason, so when I stumbled upon the article I was thrilled to see that someone put my feelings into words. As for Scarlet, she seems to be devoid of any principles and her chief interest in life was becoming rich no matter how and stealing the husband of her best friend. She is a suitable heroine for our modern times.