Thursday, January 4, 2024

Real Life Examples Of Alcohol Abuse

 First I want to put up a disclaimer: I'm not telling anyone to stop drinking. I don't think drinking small amounts of alcohol is sin. I don't believe like Baptists do that wine in the Bible was necessarily grape juice. I still sometimes may drink a half glass myself, on rare occasions.

 However, the truth is that alcohol has been a scourge of my people (White Christian Europeans) and now that they are getting less Christian, it only gets worse. So I just wish to give you a couple of real life examples, with some details changed for privacy reason, to explain why I think the best amount of alcohol to drink is none, outside of communion.

A young woman got married and had a child, started drinking and her husband divorced her. Got married again, got another child, The 2nd husband couldn't tolerate her alcohol habit any more and divorced her, too. She hanged herself on Christmas Day and her oldest child of 4 was wandering in the streets asking strangers for help.

A neighbour started drinking after his relationship broke down. Tried to commit suicide, the family talked him out of it. Got drunk on Christmas Day, fell off the stairs and broke his neck.

A woman had a drinking habit, got married and caused her husband to drink, too. Became abusive and beat him up. He divorced her. The children didn't want to do anything with her either, ended up all alone.

A woman started drinking at home, with her husband. Became addicted. Later became sick and had to quit. Went through Hell, couldn't sleep normally for months. 

A young woman started drinking in her student years, ended up a single mom. Had a binge drinking episode which resulted in internal bleeding. Bled out to death all alone with no one to help. Her mother was left to raise her child.

That's just several stories which come to mind right now, I could go on but it would be rather repetitive as it's always the same story. People start drinking in their youth or because they have problems, end up addicted, family breaks down and early death follows. And before you say, but I won't get addicted here is the last example:

two men were friends and cousins. Started drinking at the same time. Both had a tendency to binge. One later got sick and decided to quit, just like that. Without any negative health effects, either. Drinks half a glass on his birthday and that's all. The other one went to rehab several times and still can't stop. The point is, you never know beforehand who becomes an addict and who doesn't.


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  2. Miriam, men are often passive aggressive like that. That's why I don't buy manospherian theory that every time a woman files for divorce it's always her fault. I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe about stuff they (the guys) did to achieve it, but it's probably better I don't:)

    Alcohol abuse is quite a problem over here and it's getting worse. In my youth it was mostly men, but now it's increasingly women who get addicted, young and old. I remember the 1st corona year, the restrictions were eased in summer and we stayed in a hotel. At about 2 a.m. we woke up due to screaming, howling and stomping. What we found out, it was a young couple getting plastered in the bar that evening, then the wife got some sort of delirium tremens and became so violent they had to call the police. She produced all this noise, it sounded like a horror film honestly. Makes one think demonic possession is real. We also have a suicide problem, often fueled by alcohol, like in the stories I mentioned above (there are more but it isn't something one likes to dwell upon...)

  3. Sorry, I felt a strong urge to delete my comment.

  4. Privacy reason? I understand! You can change some details or make it sound less personal and post again if you wish to, that's what I always do when talking about real people. Like "some men" you know:)

  5. At least what I can repeat there's nothing drinking didn't make worse :-)