Friday, December 1, 2023

What Boomers Did Wrong

 There was a lady once whose husband left her so she had to work. She got lucky, however, as she met a wealthy man who married her. They moved to a remote village where he bought a house. His job demanded that he'd go on business trips so that his wife was quite often alone, and, frankly rather bored at times. However, he was adamant about his wife staying home. What should I do then, when you are away? she asked. Our children are grown and live separately.

So her husband went to the store and came home with...a sewing machine! That's what you are going to be doing, he said. And she's been doing it ever since. 

"Based," you''ll say. There is one caveat to the story. The man in question didn't at all mind when his daughters turned out to be feminists with a (high-powered) career. In fact, he encouraged them. And herein lies the problem with that whole generation.

Boomer men, at least in my country, in their majority didn't want their wives to work because they correctly estimated that when a woman has an income of her own, she is inclined to have her own way and doesn't really need her husband as much as when she is fully dependent on him. They were quite dominant and expected to be the boss at home. 

And by exactly the same reason, they raised their daughters to be feminists. Because the daughters were all little princesses and you can't expect a princess to submit to some unworthy guy, can you now? She is too good for that. So they taught them to be independent. Just like charity begins at home, feminism does, too...

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