Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Why Do We Have Feminism?

Simple: we have feminism because most White European men support it. Now many women support it too, but women mostly follow men in everything. 

Now to give you an example. I read about a right-wing Italian party poised to win the coming election. Its critics even suggest it's fascist. It is (or was) called "Brothers of Italy" and is led by a woman. She declares she is for traditional family and is a mother all the while vying for the highest political position in the country. She is against quotas but pro female equality. I mean how more traditional can you get?

This is a party which has popular support in a Catholic country. Of course, there are online antifeminist pockets where you can read that women shouldn't vote or be a president and  most/ all should be housewives instead. But it's not how the majority of the Western people think, and it's a fact. Yes, I understand the power of media, propaganda and laws but look at countries like Turkey. Their laws are secular, too, and in many ways similar to ours, with some exceptions. And yet, their culture and way of life are different. 

Their elites are often secular just like over here, but the people are still quite religious while here in the West many openly mock Christianity and Christians and we don't say anything because we are taught to always turn another cheek. I'm not talking about violence here, mind you. But if you wouldn't let someone insult your mother why do you keep silent when they insult your faith? 

Well, I guess many Western so-called men would let their mother be insulted, too and keep their peace. 

So you could go back and forth and blame globalists, bankers, lying media, others -ists etc etc but in the end, our society is the way it is because the majority are fine with that.


  1. This is very true, including the fact that men are as on board with it as women are.

    I do think that as the returns continue to pour in, more people are beginning to become disillusioned with feminism. But at the end of the day, everyone has their parts of it they depend on (wife's extra pay check, right to vote, sexual freedom, etc), so it's not going anywhere unless it's acted on by a force of greater power to throw us back into more traditional sex roles by necessity.

  2. We need a spiritual revival but the churches seem on board with it, too, nowadays. They hardly ever preach about virtue or Hell, or keeping commandments but mostly about "grace", "love" and being nice to everyone. The Scriptures sure talk about grace but also about repentance.