Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Scotland Starts The War On Period Poverty

 Boy am I glad the UK left the the EU. Unfortunately, Scotland plans to break off and rejoin. All the while, things are getting so bad over there that women (can we even use this word still) are apparently not able to afford a pack of sanitary pads without government subsidies. I understand inflation and stuff, but here the cheapest products used to cost about 50 cent and are like 1 euro now and you generally need 1 pack a month. Even a family with 4 teenage daughters still living at home could surely afford it?

Luckily, we do have brave female politicians ready to save women from horrible poverty which prevents them from buying tampons:

 The Bill was initially brought forward by Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon and passed in November 2020, and is intended to eliminate period poverty and help households under financial strain.

 It was unanimously approved by MSPs after winning the support of the Scottish Government and the other opposition parties in Holyrood and became law earlier this week. 

Now comes the fun part: different regions have to hire "period dignity officers" to distribute free sanitary products and the first officer hired is a man who wants to start an open discussion about periods and menopause. I mean which man wouldn't like it?

 Mr Grant told the Dundee Courier: 'I'm absolutely buzzing about it.

'It's definitely pioneering as Scotland is the first to do this.

'It's about making people aware of the availability of period products for anyone of any gender, whenever they need it.

'And it's important whatever we do is done with dignity, so people know that there's no judgement.'

Of course...

Dear British, can you keep Scotland, please, we have enough idiocy going around as it is! 


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