Saturday, August 27, 2022

VD And Student Loans

 The thing is, Vox is very correct. Forgiving student debt is deflationary. Erasing a debt is literally removing money from the system (despite the money being fake and gay). This means that there is less to go around, and thus services and products require less of it to buy.

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  1. The moral hazard here is so great, I marvel that Vox (and those who agree with this), can't see it.

    The government isn't going to get out of the loan business and colleges aren't going to become more competitive. No one involved in this scheme has ever mentioned that at all.

    We'll just be right back here 20 years from now is all. That alone makes this a horrid idea.

  2. Yes, but is usury based economy moral in itself? Also, something tells me that the current system won't probably survive for as long as 20 years....