Tuesday, July 19, 2022

We Survived Heat Apocalypse!

 Yeah, that's how supposedly right-wing Zero Hedge called it:) Apparently, it was 40*C somewhere in UK, the first time ever!!!

I guess, it was around 40 by Eindhoven here, too but nobody made quite so much drama about it. Where I live, according to one weather app it was close to 38, the other one said 36-37*C so I don't know whom to believe but my gut tells me to err on a cooler side.

On the other hand, it's no denying the weather patterns are getting more extreme. Is it man-made? I don't really know but considering the path the West and especially the UK is currently on, it could be very well God's way to let them (us) get a taste of the heat of Hell in order to reconsider (and I don't mean "climate sins"" whatever the heck it is).

BTW, to all the Americans in comments on the original article calling Brits wimps for complaining and telling us how hot it is in Arizona - you guys have split systems installed everywhere. I, for instance, only have a portable airco which makes a lot of noise and doesn't cool very well, and many people don't have even that.

We had 32-33*C yesterday and I didn't even put it on. I think it was +26*C in our bedroom last night. Today I only switched it on around 5.30 p.m. to cool the living area a bit to eat dinner and turned it off 2 hours later. I always get a headache and running nose from it so I hate it. The temps are back to 27 again and upstairs where I spent most of today and am sitting now it's closer to 30*C . So yes, I do sympathise with the British plight:)


  1. We live in the sauna of Florida where it is 95+ and humid every day from June through September. But the difference, as you rightly note, is that we all (with rare exceptions), have central air keeping us cool around the clock.

    Weird that Zero Hedge went with "heat apocalypse ". What was THAT about?

  2. My theory is also that if you live in a warm climate you get accustomed to it, but here summers are generally cool, with average temps being 21-24 degrees C so when it suddenly 38*C it's not nice:)

    But the media sure milk this topic for all it's worth and create lots of drama.

    1. I've lived in South Texas most of my life. I'm not sure if I ever 'got used to it,' but I am glad for air conditioning. Heat and cold can be deadly, but I've always found cold rather harsh. I do laugh at the Yankees though when it gets over 90. We have those temps from May to October or more during that time.

    2. We are lucky as this year it was only 2 days. 2018, 2019 and 2020 we had horrible heat waves with temps above 30 and I think 2018 above 35*C for like 7 till 10 days on end, and that on the coast. It was above 40*C in Eindhoven.

  3. That's true. We are generally accustomed to the heat, which makes a difference. If you normally have cool summers, then that explains why the media harped on this so much.

  4. You know, there is something going on with climate/weather, which could be due to pollution, but I don't trust the official gov-t version. If there is some warming due to CO2 or whatever it sure isn't because of the farmers and their cows. During 2 corona years there was much less (air) travel and last year we had a normal cool summer.

    But the gov-ts keep harping on the need of "saving the climate" while trying to import millions of people to already overpopulated countries, which only increases pollution and CO2. I'll start taking them seriously after they quit their unlimited population growth nonsense.

  5. I recently saw a picture on social media. There was 2 pics of weather forecast (they were German) made one: the first one was from 2017 and temperatures were ranging from 24 to 30 C and the map was a normal one (mostly green, some brown in the south). The second one was from few days ago, and the temperatures were ranging from 24 to 30 C and the map was hot red all over.

  6. Yeah, I've seen that one:) But it is true that German summers are getting warmer. I remember our vacations years ago and the temps were about 23-24*C and if you went further South close to 30 maybe, but the last years it's more like close to 40 regularly...