Friday, July 29, 2022

Medieval Festival, Daytime Program

 Sorry it took me so long, but I needed to sort out some things first. Here is Part 1 of the pics, because there was an evening program, too:)

It starts with the tournament:

There were going at it pretty hard, too, as one guy got knocked out of the saddle, while another took a direct hit to his shield. It's a kinda dangerous sport. 

Plus specially trained horses (stallions, btw and quite aggressive) and the equipment they need also makes it rather on the expensive side. All the guys were in their mid-forties, at least, if not older.

Some kind of weapon, I guess:)

After the tournament was over, the winners did a victory lap:)

A medieval machine gun, lol! 

The cannons came from a museum in Aachen, I heard

Folks of Limburg are good Catholics...

A view from inside

I thought it very colourful

The guy on the right looks like Gimli:)

To be continued...

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