Sunday, July 17, 2022

Hello Fellow Menstruaters

 How are you doing? 

No, I'm not going crazy:) I actually came across this word on a health blog while researching a female-related topic. It's been quite some time since I started noticing that American health websites when dealing with topics such as pregnancy or cycles or anything female-related are purposefully avoiding to use the word woman.

 For instance, it's a "pregnant person" or "persons who menstruate" or even "persons capable of pregnancy" but menstruator just takes the cake! What does it make my husband, "a seed producer''? 

I mean WTF??? A British website which I visited next was talking about "women of child-bearing age", btw...


  1. Well, we visited Germany recently and in one province all job ads are talking about m/f/d. We were long discussing which word it means, someone suggested "degenerate", lol!

  2. The American left has gone off the deep end. Apologies in advance for what we will not doubt be exporting across the pond in short order.

  3. Oops. That was me up there, Sanne. The anonymous comment.

  4. They are pushing it here, too, as if we don't have other problems! But many people protest. Germans are just more obedient, I think...

  5. Please don't confuse the American public with the American media. Lol.
    I prefer being called a woman than a menstruator.

  6. And yet the agenda keeps rolling on...