Thursday, May 19, 2022

So, The Force Was Real After All???

Scientists are debating a bizarre philosophical theory that everything in the universe has consciousness.

 There are two prevalent theories for consciousness – monism and dualism. In monism, generally preferred by scientists, consciousness is believed to be entirely a construct of the physical brain. 

 While religious people and traditionalists tend towards dualism, the belief consciousness is entirely separate from matter or the human body.

Panpsychism is a third theory which describes consciousness as inherent in all matter; both living and inanimate. 

Rather than being borne by the human brain or completely separate from it, consciousness exists in all things, even a chair or rock, and some believe that there is one basic consciousness that exists throughout the universe.

As a "religious person" I don't see any contradiction, when God created the universe why couldn't He have given it some "basic consciousness" as well? 

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