Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Carbs Aren't Bad For You

 Or rather, not all carbs are bad for you:

Potato Diet Challenge

 “Make your food boring and your life interesting.” That’s one lesson Andrew Flinders Taylor points out in a Youtube video he posted in December 2016, where he detailed all of the things he learned after eating potatoes for every meal, every single day, for almost a year.

An all-potato diet sounds crazy, but for Taylor, who weighed in at 334 pounds when his experiment began, it led to noticeable results. The Australian native dropped 117 pounds after one year of what he calls his “Spud Fit Challenge.”


  1. I recall eating real potatoes a number of times a week as a kid and still eat them fairly often. I should eat more sweet potatoes, but I can't get excited about them.

    1. The only way I can get my family (including me) to eat sweet potatoes is to make oven fries with them. I toss them in oil and seasonings.

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  2. The Dutch eat potatoes every day:) Just kidding, we eat rice and pasta, too. Sweet potatoes out of the oven, yummy!