Sunday, May 15, 2022

Americans And Abortion

 Contrary to what Pro-Lifers will tell you, the majority of the Americans of all races supports legal abortion, except White Evangelicals (yes, even Catholics who like to present themselves as sooo traditional and so much better than the Protestants). Also, the Boomers who everybody loves to hate nowadays, are much more conservative in their views on the issue:

 Sizable gaps by age, partisanship in views of whether abortion should be legal

That includes 60% of the moderate Republicans, 72% of "conservative" Democrats and nearly 60% of the men.  These views have hardly changed in 30 years:

A chart showing Americans’ views of abortion, 1995-2022

In other words, liberalism still enjoys a broad support in the USA, and I presume in other Western countries, too. You can blame the elites, the bankers, immigration, "special people", the mass media and whatever you wish. I blame the lack of faith:

Religion a significant factor in attitudes about whether abortion should be legal

As you can see, 97% of atheists support it...

All graphs taken from here.


  1. You're right, of course. Reports of America as a more Christian nation are greatly exaggerated and probably have been for the better part of the last 30 years.

  2. Hmm... polls...

  3. Anonymous, pick up a handle!
    Elspeth, I'm afraid it's true about all the Western countries...

  4. I was talking to someone the other day who told me how ignorant the left are about issues like this. My friend was talking to a fellow who was ranting and raving women's "health" rights stuff, but when my friend calmly informed him of reality the man was taken aback and said "how did I miss that??" He was just reciting whatever NPR or CNN said, but did not know stats on who is getting abortions, what races are targeted for abortions, or even what the supreme court is actually doing. This isn't the first time that we have run across people who do not research things the left has told them.

  5. Of course, we shouldn't underestimate the role of propaganda, but ultimately everyone of us is responsible for one's own choices and for keeping oneself informed about the issues. There is no pleading ignorance in the age of internet...

  6. Hey Sanne, off topic, but I recently learned about the case of the two Dutch girls who disappeared and perished in Panama in 2014 (Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon). I've been reading all about it, as it's such a terrible tragedy and a perplexing mystery. I imagine there was much discussion of it over there? Do you have any knowledge about the case?

  7. Never heard about them before, honestly, but Dutch newspapers said it was an accident. I agree it's a senseless tragedy, and also a consequence of raising your daughters like if they were your sons...

    1. I agree, there's some wild theories of murder in the jungle out there (and to be sure, the idea of it being an accident raises some puzzling questions), but it seems to me that they simply shouldn't have been where they were, when they were, whether they fell victim to their impulse for exploration in unfamiliar terrain and hostile conditions, or they fell victim to evil men. Though the fact that any evidence was recovered at all seems to indicate they weren't murdered.

    2. These kinds of vacations aren't cheap, either, and I doubt they paid it out of their own pocket so it was probably more their parents' idea of fun, but this is, of course, pure speculation on my part since I don't know much about this whole business. But stranger things happen in the wilderness...

  8. I live in South Texas and not far from the western or southern borders. The majority Mexican American population professes Catholicism but happily votes for those on the left who openly support abortion or outright infanticide.

    I don't think abortion should be used as birth control, but we don't need more fatherless children of any race. Those on the right are asking the irreligious to agree to their viewpoint. However, I think the left is shortsighted on this one. It's mostly minorities that have been aborted, so they are missing out on all those future voters for perpetual enslavement to government.

  9. The majority of aborted fetuses are White...