Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Which Way Now?

 Biden Ban On Russia Energy Applies To All New Purchases

I do hope they have a plan, because it sure will do wonders for world oil prices. Brent was trading for 130-smth$ today, I heard. The benzine price at a tank station nearby rose 10 cent from yesterday to 2.33,9euro per liter but I hear that in some places they were asking 2.50. At the very least, the government should think of lowering energy taxes or some other form of compensation...




  1. As if they cared?

  2. Thanks for the link!

    No, I'm afraid they don't, judging by the reaction of our ministers. In the meanwhile, the benzine price rose another 10 cent overnight. They were talking about worldwide shortages of flour on the TV yesterday. Now I really hate to repeat the 2020 Covid routine but buying some extra flour, rice and beans is probably not such a bad idea right now.

  3. I want all the Biden voters to come forward and defend this guy, especially all those CEOs and in the academic left. They need to explain to me which energy policies this administration has implemented that has benefited the American consumer.

  4. The sad reality is that most average everyday middle class people cannot even begin to conceptualize the idea that we are being systematically attacked and marked out for economic destruction by our leaders; on purpose.

    It sounds crazy, but I have concluded that it really is just that simple. If there is no more middle class, then...where does that leave us?

  5. It's mind-boggling, isn't it? Here they put aside a huge sum for "fighting climate change" but they offer no subsidies of any sort to those struggling to pay the bills.

    Oh yes, they said they'd do something "for lower incomes" already this year! Probably a Christmas card.

    As for Pr.Biden, didn't he also say that he intends to spend 2.5 billion fighting "gender inequality" world wide? They'd better think how they can help Third Worlders buy bread instead of pushing ideology on them.