Sunday, March 27, 2022

Men In Women's Spaces

That about sums it up:

My son was sat watching England Vs Switzerland last night and at the end you had two women and one ex England player doing the analysis.
This morning he’s watching the highlights of all the other internationals and all I can hear is female commentators.
Even my local golf club used to be men only but is now full of women.

So do I care that there’s a man in the swimming pool with women? No, not really, because women have done nothing but relentlessly encroach on men’s spaces over the last 20 years, to the point of there being none left at all.


  1. I have said, repeatedly, that this transgender madness has its roots in the feminist movement, since they were the first ones who wanted to decouple their sexuality from procreation.

    I don't care about women's sports either. However, this is not about a man encroaching on women's spaces. That would only be the case if Will Thomas was competing against the women, under his given name and while acknowledging his sex as male. THEN he would be encroaching on women's sapces and I would agree that turnabout his fair play. That's not what this is.

    This is about the embracing of an outright lie, the inversion of reality, and the increasing attmept to indoctrinate children into this way of thinking and viewing the world.

    So while I agree with that guy that it serves women right to have some men invading spaces they wish to keep female (turnabout is fair play in that regard), this is not that.

  2. It is also apparently connected to autism and watching p8rn???And weaponising of mental problems by politicians. But I kinda understand that many men feel like it's a payback for the years of feminism. They probably agree that is is an inversion of reality, but also can't bring themselves to sympathise with the female of the species, after they have heard all their life that women can do everything that men do, only better.

    Well, actually not really.