Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It's Not All Fault Of Women

Men are the guardians of society. When men trade freedom for security, bad things start to happen...


  1. I find it difficult to articulate what frustrates me most about the present system of rule. I think that a major portion of it is the generation to generation carrying forward of serious errors by our now long dead ancestors. Specifically, I was thinking of how women are today the rulers in so much of government and business hierarchy. Knowing what I know and understand about the practical reality of women wielding power and the general disorder that must be in place societally to permit women to wield power, I find myself frustrated to think that 1) I didn't choose to live in such a society, and indeed would never choose such a society if I could and 2) the reason we got stuck with this wretched system is because it was bequeathed to us by our ancestors who foolishly chose to put us on this path.

    I think this ties in to your post here because the same is true of the lazy, entertainment culture because it is all people have known for generations now. A failure to indoctrinate children in the essential matters and instead to just give them stuff (and leave the parenting to the schools) has led to the acceleration of the decay. Not that Man isn't free to choose something better, but as we know, given his sinful nature, he more often than not will happily live like a pig, satisfied with slop.

    Obviously, generation to generation change is a norm, as changes in the social and physical world will cause them, but certain bedrock practices were maintained because they were fundamental, and maintained the functioning of society. "Traditions" and "customs" we called them, things like marriage, the headship of men, and the fundamental distinction of the sexes (though, really, this was never a tradition, just the most natural and obvious understanding of what's plain as day before your own eyes). All annihilated, all because the generations before decided that Traditions were the obstacle of "Progress" and we've just carried the torch on since.

  2. It's true that it started long ago, when Western elites lost their Christian faith. But it accelerated in the last 30 years. When I look back at my own childhood, in the 1980s, people weren't so entitled and materialistic.

  3. Women's suffrage was the beginning of the end for Western society.

    Some days, I would like to go back to the 1980s and early 1990s.

  4. Imo, women's suffrage was the result, not the cause. Before it became possible our society had already committed itself to the egalitarian doctrine.

  5. women's suffrage was the result, not the cause.

    I agree completely. By the time the women had successfully brow beaten the men into giving them the vote, the train had left the station.

    It is worth noting (and I am increasingly shocked by the number of educated Americans who do NOT know this), women had the vote in many Western states prior to the passage of the 19th Amendment which codified female suffrage nation wide.

    1. That is a forgotten part of American history like many other parts.

  6. I think (I'm not sure) that they started allowing women to vote in local elections in England somewhere in the mid-19th century.

    Democracy has been long a Western tradition, and Germanic tribes usually had a gathering of free men (ting) which decided many questions, but women were excluded and yet, I read somewhere that in Medieval England women were allowed to vote in Ecclesiastical court or something. Perhaps it all started with the Catholic Church?

    I mean all cultures had punishment for adultery, at the very least divorce and yet the medieval Catholic Church totally prohibited it. The wife could sleep with the whole town yet the husband had to forgive and take her back. One of the 1st things the Reformers did was to allow divorce for adultery and punishments for fornication.