Friday, September 10, 2021

Which Way Now


Just a couple days ago everybody was laughing about Australia. So what are you all going to do about it? 

Please no fedposting. 


  1. I myself have no solutions since I can't fix stupid. Most Americans are too stupid for the Bill of Rights and the voting record shows that regardless of party affiliation. Most are happy to vote for more slavery.

  2. Well, I thought you guys were doing quite well? I mean Texas is based and all that...

  3. I should be beyond the point of being shocked by my fellow Americans, but I';m not. The way this is being accepted with little fanfare from anywhere but a few on the right is stunning.

    Corporations, even the most woke, should be resisting. They have a stunning lack of imagination at what the government may be empowered to make them do down the road if they can make them do this today.

    We are -quite literally- a country of partisan motivated idiots, unable to critically think through an issue and its implications if the people doing the evil thing share the same political views.

    How much sense does this make? "Take your vaccine so that mine works better." It makes no sense, but the powers that be say it does, and that your chances of living another day to watch TikTok videos depends on your coworker bolstering the effectiveness of your vaccine by taking their own.

    It makes my head hurt.

    And no. I have no answer to your question about what Americans are going to do. I know a lot of governors are lawyering up. Including our governor, Ron Desantis. And the Biden administration says it's prepared to "run over" said governors. That's all I know:

  4. Elspeth, I heard Desantis speak and I like him very much, I think you are lucky to have him!

    There is something nefarious about the vaxx, I mean why do powers that be insist on everyone taking it so much?

    We've had so far 2 protests in our town, though it's not that big. As of now it's not mandatory, but you can't attend large events without it or a neg test, and you can't go abroad, either...