Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Day Freedom Died

 So it's official now, since 25th of September my country will start segregating people according to their vaccination/test status. Those deemed unclean won't be able so much as to drink a cup of tea outside on a terrace in fresh air. And, btw, the vaccination book you have won't suffice, you'll need a QR code and your ID to be able to visit a bar or a restaurant, which (the code) will be scanned and nobody is sure where this info will go.

That's only the beginning, since our provisional government is seeking to change the law to force vaccine mandates on the workforce. Of course, any form of discrimination is already expressly forbidden  by the Constitution but no sacrifice is too great to fight the virus so the Constitution goes out of the window.

Some politicians and parties call to civil disobedience. And I heard that based Hungary is already on their 4th shot. Here we are currently only distributing the 3d one among vulnerable people as of yet , according to the official news. I have no words. That is, I do, but they are not fit for a public blog...


  1. A week or so ago you said everyone was laughing at Australia. Which I understand, we have been pathetic. Sadly we are not the only ones and everywhere we are faced with the reality, we now live in Dystopias.

  2. Well, some of the Americans sure did in Telegram chats;)
    Yes, it's everywhere, but this morning I've heard some good news, see above.

    I'm afraid to jinx it so won't say anymore on the subject, I want for now to forget it and enjoy the last days of summer, it's been bad enough around here the last couple of days...