Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hunting And Outdoor Fair

 As a new vegetarian (technically a pescatarian) again, I thoroughly enjoyed Hunting And Outdoor Fair which we attended on our way home from our mini-vacation. After nearly 2 years without any sort of fun events, now that 1.5m is officially abolished, it felt like the good old times again. 

Live music, drinking a cup of tea/coffee on a terrace, and lots of people everywhere. They didn't only send weapons, of course, but all sorts of things, like this:

There was a BBQ competition using fresh meat, shooting clay pigeons, and also bow and arrow, stuff for dogs, clothes and even Christmasy stuff. (Poor folks missed all these Christmas markets last year!)

Made with a chainsaw:)

One of these rifles, I'm told, costs 9 000 euros!

It was all close to this nice village:

The weather was great, too, but now it's finally autumn...

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