Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Western Men Emasculating Themselves

 Recently I have been pondering why Western men are often such wimps. What is happening? Can it only be attributed to lying media propaganda and soy consumption? 

Then I stumbled upon this discussion (please forgive me for linking to Roosh forum twice in one week:)

Could it be an answer to my question? Just like the Pill and hysterectomies, male sterilisation is pushed by the medical system as not only being safe, but being good for health, too.

Yet, one internet search brought these results:

Small testicles and shrunken penis after excision are a very real problem for many men, and so are many other serious complications.

It's interesting that they link to an African study done on giant rats which proves that 

unilateral vasectomy in the AGR may result in perturbations of the histo-architecture of the testes with possible decline in function.

In other words, it turns them into eunuchs and that with only one testicle affected. Of course, Africans are still less politically correct about these things than the "enlightened" West which sees fertility as a health crisis.

Here is one man's experience of vasectomy:

Since my original vasectomy, I have undergone six additional surgeries and nerve blocks in an attempt to stop the chronic pain, including a four and a half-hour testicular reconstruction and vasectomy reversal. I have been offered 90 medications in conjunction with innumerable therapies. Some approaches have offered temporary relief, but none have provided a cure. Other men I’ve come in contact with who have experienced the same type of painful consequences from their vasectomy procedures have been dealing with the aftereffects for five to ten years and more. The negative effects of tubal ligation for women and many other long-term methods of birth control used by women are well known. Unlike vasectomies, though, this has been discussed openly for many years. Men and women should consider the possible substantial negative results before seeking surgical sterilization.

Of course, some and even many men won't experience these severe side effects, but what about psychological implications of neutering oneself for both the man and his partner? 

Turks who live around here appear to be much more masculine, could it be partly due to the fact that the most popular form of contraception in Turkey and presumably in diaspora, is a pull-out method (which despite lies, is proven to be more effective than condoms)? So that his old lady knows if she is particularly unpleasant he can leave and start another family with some hot young thing? Who knows...

Well, may be my theory is just that, a theory. But do we  still believe that our current "betters" really wish us well? That includes the Western medical establishment. 

The only church in the West which calls sterilisation a sin is the Catholic Church, as far as I know. Yet, do you even have to be religious to understand that permanent mutilation of one's body is hardly a good idea? Human fertility is not a disease.


  1. Thanks for the info. As an older man, I've not heard of these issues. I've not had one, but man that sucks for those men.

  2. You are welcome!
    I sometimes wonder if feminism was at all possible without modern medicine.


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