Saturday, August 21, 2021

A Call To Singleness

 Interesting discussion at Roosh Forum


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  2. Roosh is kind of a joke to me. He screwed around like a dog in heat, and then goes total religious wack job. This is an example of how too much of anything, and that includes religion, warps a person. I've met such people; they are not evil, but kind of annoying.

    I don't know why Roosh can't find a woman that was as much as a whore he was, and they could work their problems out together.

  3. He did become rather prickly after his conversion to ROCOR, i noticed. Recently removed the comments from his Telegram channel. But I didn't mean his post but rather the discussion that followed. I agree about not dunking on single people. We don't always know why a person is single, it doesn't mean they are losers.

  4. The Apostle Paul would beg to differ.