Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Vegans Are An Anti-Vegetarian Psy-Op

 Change my mind:)

My arguments:

Vegetarians have existed like for ages. One of my mother's friends was (and still is) pretty much a pescatarian, though she eats chicken liver sometimes for the vitamins. In India, some areas have been vegetarian for centuries, even without modern supplements this diet seems sustainable, though a restrictive one. 

On the other hand, even 20 years ago few people heard about vegans. Yet now, if you try to do a search on vegetarianism the only thing you come across are militant vegans.

Vegan diet isn't sustainable in the long run without supplements (at least b12) and many quit and go into the other opposite, pushing meat-only diets. 

Those behind this psy-op have probably heavily invested in both vegan products/supplements and meat industry and thus profit both ways, while sensible folks interested in vegetarian-leaning diets are scared away by the fanatical vegan rantings (and horror stories of ex-vegans). 

Others, especially gullible young women decide that vegan is the way to go and more often than not destroy their health and fertility, while making the vegan industry rich, then often turn to the other extreme, as I mentioned above.

It's interesting that vegans often attack vegetarians more than omnivores, calling them traitors and such. 



  1. I agree completely! I think vegans are part of a godless, lost group.

  2. It looks like they are astroturfed to me...

  3. I am Christian and have followed a vegetarian diet for many years or so and lowered my cholesterol by 70 points in my 30's and 40's. It was never an issue with anyone in my life. In my early 50's I had been eating meat for a few years and decided to try veganism. I was doing it for health and learned a lot. There are many Christian vegans out there, most just don't "toot their horn". It is a way to EAT, not a religion. (And the vegan diet is sustainable long term done correctly- I know many people who thrive on it) I do eat meat and eggs in my diet now just for reference but I do go back from time to time and adjust my diet. Trust God, eat whole foods and don't judge others trying to find their way is my thoughts.

  4. The point is that there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan. Vegetarian diets have known health benefits and can be followed long-term without the need to supplement which isn't true for vegan diet as it excludes all animal products. So yes, it can be beneficial short-term but it's not sustainable for a long time without supplementing.

    And even you yourself went back to eating meat and eggs. Most long-term vegans cheat and eat seafood or fish, or even meat as long as it's outside their own houses, they just won't tell you.

    There is a well-known UTube channel where the lady claims that her family are all vegan, yet then you learn that they do eat animal products quite regularly, at least once a month they'll go out to a restaurant and just order whatever they like and then they will eat meat or fish while visiting etc etc

    I actually don't care what others eat and I find that the diet should not be politicised. I'm leaning more plant-based myself but I find it rather irritating that veganism is so heavily promoted. And I don't like demonising dairy. Paleo eaters are also famous for it, btw.

    1. I did not add back animal products because it was not sustainable or my health was declining, I added back an occasional few (eggs & beef) because that is what I choose to do for me. I understand what you are trying to say, and of the many vegans I personally know, do it for the animals, not health. I am speaking from many years of experience of following both. I agree the diet or most anything for that matter, should not be politicized. Vegans who do it for their ethical reasons, will of course be offended by vegetarians who continue to eat animal products. The ones who holler the loudest are those on a social platform, and generally do not believe in God. I agree that veganism can harm fertility, however that has more to do with lack of calories, proper nutrition and extreme exercise. Young women just jump in these lifestyles to fit in and do not do their own research. Interesting question you posed, good luck with your journey in more plant-based eating. Blessings.

  5. I think I should add that different people have different dietary needs. Older men are particularly at risk of heart disease and certain cancers and it makes sense for them to severely limit certain food groups, yet veganism is often marketed to young women and it absolutely damages their fertility as you need a certain amount of saturated fat to ovulate, plus soy products can absolutely crash your cycle.

  6. In my experience (which unfortunately has increased exponentially over the past decade), there is almost always a correlation between verbally outspoken veganism and far left politics tinged with a hostility towards tradition, and Christianity in particular. Or, if Christian, I've seen very hard and relentless attempts to shoehorn veganism into Christianity as a merciful more godly way to eat.

    Of course, this isn't universally true. I have a couple of female relatives who stopped eating meat specifically to get thin, and it worked, so they stuck with it. Their husbands are still ravenous carnivores, and there doesn't seem to be any tension in the marriages because of it.

    But from what I have seen, they are rare exceptions.

  7. Thanks, Michell, same to you!

  8. Elspeth, yes, you'll get thin because you miss the calories! I went back to eating meat because I was getting too thin, imo.

    I should add that I understand that if someone is a vegan for the animals, they won't care much about what it does to their health, unless they get very sick.

    What I find irritating that if I do a search on health benefits of vegetarian eating nearly all the results will tout veganism as the only way.

    I love my dairy, thank you very much. Every time I tried to cut on it, my dental fillings started to fall out and last time I got a nasty rash, too. So I'm not sold on the whole "dairy free" idea!


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