Saturday, April 18, 2020

Keep Calm And Eat Marmalade Sandwiches

Here is some feelgood news for you all:

a 99 year old British lady survives corona virus:

What's more, great grandmother Rita Reynolds reckons she's found the secret to defeating the infection - eating marmalade sandwiches...

Yup, if Rita survived The Blitz by hiding under her kitchen table and reading a book, she's unlikely to have been too fazed by this whole scenario.  

That's exactly the type of person who you could expect to survive this sort of thing:)

She isn't the only one and not even the olldest any more:

A 106-year-old woman has recovered from coronavirus and been released from the hospital...

“I think the secret of her old age is that she is physically active and very independent,” she continued. “She had a hip operation back in December and within 30 days she was walking again. She really is amazing and I know all the family can’t wait to see her. She has quite a few fans!”

See above:)


  1. Love this. Most of the old people I know who are still full of vigor and mobility as they age are like the ones described in these articles.

  2. Folks like that are an inspiration, aren't they?