Monday, December 2, 2019

P8rn Will Make You Retarded

Those folks on the internet who will tell you how great p*rn is and how it liberates you from dealing with those nasty women, aren't your friends:

...studies show people who regularly watch adult entertainment often develop damage to the prefrontal cortex, the brain region that controls morality, willpower and impulse control...

'Science is only just beginning to reveal the neurological repercussions of porn consumption.'
'It is already clear that the mental health and sex lives of its widespread audience are suffering catastrophic effects,' Barr says. 
'From depression to erectile dysfunction, porn appears to be hijacking our neural wiring with dire consequences.'


  1. To quote our WWI hero Sergeant Alvin York, "I'm agin it." He used that statement in opposition to a lot of things. I'm against porn and anything else that threatens family life. People are self-destructive.

  2. It is a drug and works precisely like a drug in one's brain. And like with drugs, some, very few people can control their use. Most cannot.

  3. Isn't it interesting that early feminists, suffragets and such, were against prostitution and pornography? And porn as we know it wasn't even invented back then.

    Modern feminists whine because there is not enough porn that pleases women and prostitutes should be respected.

  4. Well, in those times you had pornographic books but they were usually heavily censored.

    Early feminists were a mixed bunch, I think they had free love conventions back in the 19th century actually, anyway, p8rn damages both men and women who watch, and most certainly those who participate in it and I'm convinced that for those behind it it's not only about money but about control as well.