Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Great Underwear Debate

Do you remember 1970s women's libs burning their bras? Well, they may have been on to something: apparently, there is a debate going on whether bras can cause breast cancer. Keep in mind, I'm not telling you to ditch our underwear, I'm just sharing the info.

However, the American Cancer Association and other experts disagree.

And yet, there was an African study done in 2015 which also highlighted bra-wearing as a risk factor.

I'm not really sure what to think about it though. If you have any ideas, feel free to post a comment! 


  1. Women have suffered with breast cancer for probably thousands of years. I don't believe it has anything to do with what we wear. Some time ago I did see that doctors are finding that having abortions increases the likelihood of having breast cancer. Someone studied this after noticing a huge increase in the number of younger women getting cancer. Here is one link:

  2. Thanks for the link! Yes, I've heard about abortion connection. The Pill appears to be a factor, too. I was really interested in the African study which showed no connection between breast cancer and marriage status. Presumably, Nigeria is a conservative country and unmarried women generally don't become mothers? Yet, here they say the age of the birth of your 1st child or lack of children is a factor, too. Could it be that the problem is not so much older moms but the fact that they all use hormonal birth control? We need more info on the subject!

  3. I think you may be correct about older mothers having used hormonal contraceptives for many years. Those interrupt the natural processes of women's bodies. Before "the pill" it was very common for women to have babies into their 40's and 50's. I think some researchers aren't looking at certain things because if proven factors of breast (or other female) cancers, that wouldn't fit the agenda of "sexual freedom or equality" of those on the left. There is so much evidence of the consequences of a Godless society all around us.

  4. I believe Ch. Darwin's wife got their last child at nearly 49 years of age. Women often simply kept going until they couldn't. Those who didn't want any more kids just went for separate bedrooms, like described in "Gone with the Wind."

    I do think our research is biased in some ways, that's why I find non-Western studies so interesting. I believe there was one in Japan, too. And one in France which says that while bras are aesthetically pleasing they aren't really necessary for health reasons, so that made me think. I mean how many products we use daily are a must and how many are a choice?

  5. Could it be that the likelihood of wearing a bra is also strongly correlated to certain diets and lifestyles primarily in developed nations? That might explain the substantially lower incidence among aboriginals.

    Some of us simply cannot in good taste run around with our girls unbound. However, I find the portion of the study that highlights the differences based on the numbers of hours that bras are worn per day to be a reasonable action plan. Just in case there is something to it.

    We can simply choose to go braless at home.

  6. You can in any case take the wires out. Just cut a small hole and you can pull them out on both sides. It'll probably already make a difference.

    I can't imagine someone sleeping in her bra, btw:) Must be terribly uncomfortable...

  7. I do think bra, especially underwire one, is very bad for our lymph circulation. It also makes breathing less effective. If these things have anything to do with cancer, I have no idea.

    I never wear bra at home. Only when I exercise or go for errands or otherwise see people other than my husband. And sometimes I just don't bother even if I know I will be seeing people, I just wear something more covering then. And all my bras are lightweight sports bras.

    When I stopped wearing bra all the time, I noticed my breasts wont swell and hurt so much before my "moon time".

  8. Interesting. I think for those who are ready to ditch their bras, they should just start wearing a tank top under their clothes, which makes the whole look much more decent, so to say.

  9. ^^Yes, or wear a scarf for extra coverage. I have some pinafore dresses that also work well. Or a blouse with strategically placed front pockets. And, of course, it helps if one is not that busty.

  10. Yes, it's much more difficult for the ladies who wear a bigger size so to say.