Thursday, September 5, 2019

Britain, Yes?

Everybody loves to mock Sweden, but what about the state of Britain? Outside of Brexit shenanigans and people being investigated for wrong think tweets, they now appear to export militant vegans.

Just look at this wealthy British lady tourist attacking a poor third world farmer at a market. And his crime? Keeping chickens in a cage. As my husband rightly pointed out, she could have simply bought them, but the British (some of them) are economical like that:)

If you watch it with the sound on, it's even better. Whatever on Earth is happening? Stay classy, UK!

WARNING: language (is not ladylike)


  1. How does that idiot expect the seller to contain the chickens safely in the market? Some people are just plain stupid as well as rude. Leftists seem to be the least tolerant of all people.

  2. Thinking logically doesn't appear to be her strongest point, I agree:)

  3. Spain: British tourists, hold our beers, por favor.

    To vegans, every vegetarian is butter-dipped, bacon rasher-wrapped, and beef tallow-fried, especially the less picky vegetarians, and so you'll find these condescending holier-than-everyone-else people making things miserable for vegetarians as well ...

    I went vegetarian for health reasons for a number of years, so this is something I'm familiar with. I didn't necessarily care what my frites were cooked in, or that the fritessauce contained eggs, just as long as I could keep the numbers low enough that my health condition didn't make itself worse.

    But to these vegans, I was an unhealthy sinner in the "Church of Veganism", and since I was a vegetarian that made me even worse than any meat eaters in their eyes. Obviously if even one "back slider" would be tolerated, the whole religious affair could collapse.

    This obnoxious Upper Class Twit knows that if she pulls this stunt back at home in the UK, she'll earn herself a nice big anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) to go along with whatever Pedigreed Pretence she happens to peddle.

    It's just another form of horrible attention-seeking behaviour that shouldn't be rewarded with attention.

    Actually, if her local constabulary back home in the UK would be so kind as to slap this arrogant harridan with an Asbo, many of us would be much obliged.

    Heaven knows the UK is known all too well for all too many badly behaving tourists, and this isn't helping at all ...

  4. Yeah, I've heard about that Spanish story, it's really hilarious:) Do they know how the cats reproduce? In my town, I recently started encountering vegan posters, it's like the movement is coordinated somewhere centrally or something.

    I think veganism is unhealthy, but vegetarianism is OK, though I knew a lady who suffered from low blood iron when she switched to a vegetarian diet, so she started eating liver. I wonder if it did help you?