Saturday, September 14, 2019

British Royals And Homeopathy

Apparently, the British Royal family, and especially Prince Charles, are big fans of homeopathy. It's probably old news for their fans but I only discovered it recently, when doing some research on the topic of alternative medicine. I wonder if homeopathic remedies were what allowed Queen Mother to beat cancer not once, but twice in her life and  whether she used them instead of conventional chemo treatments which are so harsh on one's body. The article is silent about it.

I'm not sure myself what I think of homeopathy, but I tend to agree with the lady quoted in the first article I linked to:

“The Royal family have huge resources and access to everything medicine has to offer, yet they choose homeopathy,” explains Roberts. “I thought, 'Why would they use it if it doesn’t work?’” 

So when my husband got injured I bought a homeopathic balm to apply to his bruises and it seemed to work rather quickly. He only used it for a couple of days and hen he started feeling better.

Does anyone have much experience with homeopathy? Feel free to share!

In other. but not related health news, Romans had great teeth because they didn't consume sugar. I'm going to write more about Romans and their diet next week, so stay tuned!

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