Saturday, July 20, 2019

Leaving Something Behind

Most of my readers have probably watched the video by Lydia Sherman called Homemaker Encouragement where among other things, she's talking about women engaging in creative hobbies like needlework or painting. She mentions that their works will live on after they are gone and even sometimes could end up in a museum.

Which reminded me of a true story I heard several years ago, about a lady in my country who was a childless homemaker and her hobby was quilting. Through the years, she made so many quilts that her husband had to hire a a storage place for them and she came on the news because of it. So when they asked her why she was doing it all, she said that since her husband and herself weren't able to have any children, she wanted something to leave behind, something which would survive them and quilting was the one thing she was really good in.

Lydia further mentions writing letters and poetry which was quite popular in the 1950s. When you think of it, there are books which consist of letters and diaries of famous people like politicians, for instance. Yet, like someone pointed out, when the current generation of celebrities dies, there will probably be nothing left behind. May be, they'll start publishing someone's tweets in a book form???

Another problem of modernity, I guess:)

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