Thursday, July 4, 2019

Global Warming And Other Stuff

The temperature fell to 8*C this night. Yet, I bet most people outside of Holland were unaware of this fact. The Euro heat wave of the last week, on the other hand, got a lot of attention. Where I live, we got exactly 3 warm days, 2 in the beginning of the week and 1 last Saturday. It was +32*C and to hear some people talk, it was nearly the end of the world.

An article I read on ZeroHedge (of all places) mentioned how 20 000 people (!) apparently died from heat in France in 2003. I dimly remember that it was a really warm and dry summer, but nothing about the calamity in France, or at least, I don't remember it at all. Of course, we didn't have weather apps back then and nobody checked his phone every few seconds to look if a record were broken. It was warm, or not so warm.

So I found a blog which has some interesting info on the topic and thought I'd share. I'm rather  skeptical about the whole thing. That said, there are real environmental problems we are facing, and some of it is due to the Save the Climate Industrial Complex, like this:

In many countries, wind turbines pose the single greatest threat to bats after habitat loss and white-nose syndrome. In some places such as Texas, where white-nose syndrome, a deadly fungus, has only recently arrived, wind turbines are the single greatest threat to bats.

And not only bats, but also birds and insects. 

I also don't hear them talk that much about estrogen pollution due to the Pill, plastics and agriculture (personally I think that all the plastics outside of military and medical use should be banned). 

Speaking about various medications, apparently (some) antibiotics increase one's risk of cancer. 
And do you know who is fed antibiotics? Your poultry and other farm animals. I'm glad that at least in Europe, they are trying to restrict it. Go for biological if it's at all possible. Well, it's all for today, till next time!


  1. Wind turbines are eye sores and one of the most inefficient ways to generate electricity in the scale needed for our society.

    As another note, Padre Island from Corpus Christi, TX down to South Padre, TX just east of Brownsville is still with us. The way the alarmist talked it should have been the world's longest sand bar by now.

  2. I heard they cost more than what they produce:) At least, here they are planning to install the new ones in the sea where there are no insects to kill.

    If Western gov-ts were that serious about saving the environment, they would close the borders asap and no try to industrialise third world countries, either.