Friday, June 28, 2019

The Great MGTOW Debate

Just in case you missed it, Vox Day against cat gentlemen:

part 3 

part 2 

part 1



  1. Thanks, I had missed. I think only very brave men marry nowadays. You know, those men who are wise enough to tell good women from the other sort.

    I think the biggest problem with those MGTOW -men is they have seemingly never met a decent woman in their lives. But if all people you meet are d***s or sl**s, who's fault it is? Entire population can hardly be rotten...

    Same goes with feminists who only seem to meet bad men. In my experience, 90 % of men are really quite decent and even chivalrous. But for some reason feminists only meet that 10 %. Or maybe they think chivalry is harrasment?

  2. Imo, the biggest problem with them is that they are actively trying to prevent young men from creating a family and reproducing, the same way feminists do with young women, that's why "cat gentlemen" suits them about right. It's the other side of the same poisonous ideology and I'm just wondering if the same forces are behind it.

  3. Tell me something why is it that women are even concerning themselves with Mgtow? According to everybody were nothing but Incels and men with a small dick who women don't even look twice at! So why don't you go then and date guys who are willing to be in a relationship!

  4. Anon, I don't have to date anyone as I have been married for more than 18 years to a great man. Now you tell me why MGTOWs don't go their own way but spend most of the time *itching about women? They are just as bad as feminists they oppose. Since I'm interested in the survival of the West I'll criticise both when I see fit. (Which doesn't happen very often since I have generally better things to do with my life:)