Friday, April 12, 2019

Another Advantage Of A 2 Income Family Model

is that you will hardly have any free time at all, so that you'll never get bored:

A new survey finds that the average American adult logs just four hours and 26 minutes of time to themselves in a given week.

And if that amount seems high, you’re also in good company. Four out of 10 people surveyed said they get even less free time than that total, incredibly.

The survey of 2,000 adults... also found that the little bit of free time leaves the average person with 14 undone items on their to-do lists — though one in five respondents says there’s at least 20 things to get done on their lists. Those lists include everything from running errands to paying the bills. The authors found that 60% of the participants are putting off basic administrative tasks like cleaning, going to the bank, or filing their taxes because they don’t have the time.

 Among the tasks most commonly brushed aside by the study participants, cleaning topped the list, with 48% of adults postponing such chores. Another 40% admit they’ve put the brakes on car maintenance, while a third routinely push back plans to go shopping. More than a quarter of Americans (27%) said they put off making a doctor’s appointment.

Read the whole article  over here and pay attention to the comments by the boomers along the line of "I worked 20 hours a day, kept the house and had PLENTY of free time, you whiners!" Because people exist solely to work for the Woke Capital and pay the taxes. Now if we only could get children back to factories, everything would be fine. Meanwhile, the wives of billionaires are stay-at-home moms...


  1. The comments were really aggressive. You can always tell people know they are wrong when they get that tone.

    This is actually a subject me and my husband have talked about a lot. All his friends are so busy.

  2. There is a very big group of people in our society which apparently thinks that just like medieval serfs, our lives should exist out of daily back-breaking labour, hence such hostility to housewives who are "shirking". Funny then never criticise the elites though where both men and women hardly do any meaningful work, and that for generations.