Monday, April 15, 2019

A Fellow Housewife Reviews My Book

Housewife Outdoors was kind enough to review my second book, The Road To Power, which is now available on Amazon as well. That's what she writes:

The Road To Power is a space opera, like The Long Way Home, taking place in the same universe. Otherwise it is very different book and independent story with new characters. There is more political schemery and sligthly less action. There is still plenty of action and adventures, but the speed is not quite that breath-taking. I appreciated that a lot. Plot is very unpredictable (that seems to be typical to Sanne), I had to read to page 70-something before I got any idea where the book is going and still plenty of surprises waited for me. Gothic family secrets, sword duels, beautiful adventuresses and elven queens, spies and assasinations. 

You can read the whole review over here

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