Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Should Women Be Attacked?

There is a plethora of blogs nowadays which claim they are against feminism and spend their whole time attacking women. Some are run by men who each day, every day find a new woman to *itch about. When I look at my husband, he isn't much interested in women, outside myself or some bikini models:) When he's online he'll talk with other men about cars, guns or politics, not about what some stupid gal wrote on her Facebook page. He also finds men constantly discussing women unmanly.

Now I'm not at all saying that women are such snowflakes that they should never be criticised, attacked or even shamed for anything, especially if we are talking about some loud-mouthed internet personality. Anyone who is a public figure should be prepared to deal with criticism. And if one is critical of modernity, one can't avoid talking about feminism and that means making remarks about female behaviour, yet, there is some thing to consider, notably, to which extent is an average woman responsible for feminism?

Because even though MSM push this romantic idea about a couple of women burning their bras and starting a revolution, the cold hard truth is that the governments in ALL (formerly) Christian countries support feminism in one or other form and push it onto the 3d World. While the USA is the champion at promoting this liberal egalitarianism, other Western countries aren't really any better in this respect. Much though has been made lately of Victor Orban and his defence of Christian values, his initiatives to raise fertility included free daycare and childcare benefits for grandparents.

I have news for Mr Orban: few women dream of having several children only to leave them at day care or with Granny the whole day. These initiatives were touted as ground-breaking but the truth is that countries like Germany (and I think, Finland, too) offer so much money per child per month that if you had 6 or 7 kids both parents could nicely live from it. Yet, the same governments promote the narcissistic, hedonistic bugman lifestyle which most of their citizens (outside of immigrants) happily choose.

Of course, there is still such a thing as personal responsibility and I don't deny that we as Westerners are uniquely susceptible to this cult of materialistic individualism, but the propaganda starts when the kids are still young and follows them into the grave, so to say. Yet, many internet antifeminist warriors tend to totally disregard it and place all the blame squarely on the shoulders of individual women. They also expect women as a group to rise up and smash liberalism. Of course, it won't work since women aren't really those who start the revolutions.

Women just follow the society trends, if the society changes, so will the women. That's all.


  1. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 28, 2019 at 6:10 AM

    Amen. MRM-men are so stupid; they do not understand that women couldn't even VOTE if MEN OF POWER didn't give us that right. MEN allowed feminism to happen and come to the point it is now.

    Suffragets may have fought for equal rights, but if most men would have disagreed, we would still be living victorian style. Because most women really did not care that much; it was noisy and frustrated minority. Most women were quite happy with their homes and families.

    This is something both feminists and misogynists fail to understand. Women have never, ever TAKEN any power. It was given to us by men.

    BTW, I am afraid that my husband also is not interested in women, in that MRM-way at least. There must be something seriously wrong in a man who has time for that nonsense.

    And you are correct, in Finland you can live with making babies. If you have 6 kids, you get 837 euros on f child benefits. If you are unemployed, you will get ~500 euros for unemployment benefit and if your spouse is too, he will get it also. 70 % of your rent will be paid too, and if all else fails, you can still try to get "income support" to buy your kids new bicycle or pay their hobby or your electric bill or something. And yet people complain our society does not support having kids enough.

  2. Do you mean 800+ euro per child or per total, because I think in Germany it is more and after the first two kids the bennies go up.

    After everything what happened recently around the world, I think few people have any illusions about democracy. Most of the ills which plague the West are the direct result of the politics of the globalist elite an the MSM is their priest class. For instance, practically ALL EU countries are actively promoting 2 income family model, and not because "women" in general demanded it, but because EU took this decision many years ago. The elites of the West have been busy pushing it since after the WWII and the most active part was and is played by the USA. Think Ivanka's global initiatives, e.g. It's a bit strange to blame women, especially the younger ones, for the situation.

    1. Well, m.b. elite women, who btw, hardly do any real work themselves.

  3. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 28, 2019 at 9:46 AM

    It is 800+ total. From the first child you get like 75 euros/month, and then it raises child by child.

    I wish I was born 100 years ago. I am just readin a novel about Hemingway's first wife, Hadley. At year -22 they were really, really poor, living in a miserable flat in Paris. Did Hadley think she should work? Of course not. She played her piano and they even had a daily help, one woman came to clean and cook.

    1. I think it's much more in France and Germany,but it doesn't really encourage the local women to procreate somehow. The immigrants, on the other hand...Which again shows that the difference is cultural.

    2. BTW, yes, married women, especially middle class and higher, weren't supposed to work. Also, a decent man normally wouldn't propose until he could offer a home equal to what the lady was accustomed by her father's. I heard it's still the same way in Iran.

      Only the very lowest segment of society would send their wives to work. It dates back to the times of the Germanic tribes. A man was judged by his community on how he could support his wife. Only wives of the serfs went into the fields, free women didn't. I just wonder why so many modern women want to reduce themselves to this level?

  4. PS. Yes, there are terrible women bloggers who claim to eliminate "feminism"....but simply attack women. Instead of dealing with "internal issues"....the proper gospel way....they go around throwing stones at any and every woman who doesn't "keep her virginity" for this or that purpose. Sadly, such women are keeping people TRAPPED in the feminism ideal....of making women "great" by eliminating the number of children in her home....

  5. Imo, feminism comes from the rejection of God and is pushed by the global elites since they profit from it and it's also an instrument of control.

    I agree that the harsh attitudes one encounters on (some) blogs are hardly helpful and could even bring the opposite reaction.