Friday, March 8, 2019

Attention Women: MSM Isn't Your Friend

It's not been 3 months yet since the world was shocked by the double murder of two Scandinavian female hikers in Morocco.

Yet, here it is, a British newspaper promoting vacations in Morocco for females:

10 of the best female-only trips for solo travellers

Hiking in Morocco is actually in the first place! You really can't make this stuff up...

Because getting beheaded with a blunt knife is sooo empowering...


  1. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 9, 2019 at 5:42 AM

    What IS wrong with people nowadays? Remember this raped and murdered artist, who was hitchhiking for peace:

    I recall there was similar case resently but can't find it now.

    When I was child, we were told that we should never hitchhike, for obvious reason. And Finland is lake the safest country in the world. And then some crazy dirty hippies want to do such things in countries where women are nothing but peaces of meat.

    Now of course not all women traveling alone hitch, but it is the same crazyness nevertheless.

    Well, I assume it is Darwin Awards and Evolution in Action.

  2. True. MSM likes to make a mockery of reality. Even in local newspapers....they will highly praise that which is corrupt for children....but make mockery of people who are "mandatory reporters" in the if people in community are just a tool for their affection and glamour....

  3. Euro women who travel solo to exotic places get killed regularly,we simply don't hear that much about it. In the recent months, there was a case of a (British, I think) woman shot dead by drug traffickers in the jungle of South America and another female tourist raped, murdered and hanged upside down in India. But they keep going there... Tourism is a big business and businesses long have noticed that women will do anything as long as you persuade them that it's "emancipating". That's how they sold smoking to women in the beginning of the 20th century.

  4. Housewife OutdoorsMarch 9, 2019 at 10:27 AM

    It is amazing how deep in denial it is possible to live. How come they think we have patriarchy at the first place? Because women couldn't protect their infants and themselves from all sort of threats world used to be full of. Men, on the other hand, were quiet capable of protecting themselves, their pregnant women and infants.

    In my opinion the whole point of traditional society is to protect women. And for some reason progressives see it as a bad thing.

  5. As for what's wrong with our people - I think we've created a sort of a bubble for younger generations. Life is quite safe in general and people started to forget that the nature way is constant struggle and that this world is full of predators of all sorts. We have collectively become too soft. And the MSM with their attitudes don't help, either.

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  7. I removed my comment because it went to a wrong place. I tried to comment your answer "they want us dead" by asking: "Are you serious?" Why would anybody want western women dead?

    I agree with living in a bubble. Think about how popular some "Secret" -books are. You know, those that tell you you can manifest everything in your life. People in general seem to think that world is a peaceful, wonderful place where only good things happen, people are inherently good and plenty of money comes from the magic wall to everybody, if you just believe it hard enough.

  8. Yes, I'm perfectly serious. Not only European women, European people as a distinct ethnic group in general. As to's not a discussion for this blog, I'm afraid. But in short, globalism and building a new Tower of Babel?

  9. The greatest success of modern liberalism was to convince our people that evil doesn't exist. Modern Westerners in general appear to have trouble understanding abstract and/or spiritual concepts such as "good" or "evil" and tend to reduce everything to materialistic pragmatism.


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