Monday, March 25, 2019

Science And Working Mothers

Here is an interesting article:

Scientists blame working mums for child obesity epidemic

Here is a quote:

SCIENTISTS have laid the blame for Britain's childhood obesity epidemic at the door of working mothers, in a new study.
The shocking findings also claim the kids of mums who work are negatively affected - whereas the father's employment appears to have no "significant effect".

Hmmm, I wonder why ? It's almost like there is a difference between men and women?

Professor Emla Fitzsimons told The Sunday Times: "We find that children whose mothers work are more likely to have increased sedentary behaviour and poorer dietary habits."
Researchers said the bizarre findings were more obvious for single mums who work full-time, but also revealed a pattern with mums who work and have a partner.

 It's only bizarre if you lack common sense:) Obviously, the mother who works the whole day will have less time to get involved in and supervise daily activities and eating habits of her children.

However, part-timers aren't off the hook, either:

 But the study added it doesn't matter if mums work full-time or part-time, their child is still more likely to be fatter than that of a non working mum.

So much for: "well, it's only 2 days a week, surely it won't do any harm?"
It describes obesity as "the most common chronic disease of childhood and likely to persist into adulthood with far-reaching effects".
And found teens and children have gained weight over the past four decades along with a rise in working mums - with kids of single working mothers 25 per cent more likely to be overweight.

The conclusion of the researchers: is, naturally, to blame fathers and demand more feminism:

With the burden remaining on the mum to provide childcare, the study found, it suggested fathers become more "active players" in promoting their kids wellbeing.

(That is, if she knows who the father might be....)

My conclusion is  the society which sees raising the next generation as a burden, has no future.

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