Friday, May 11, 2018

How Mothers Perpetrate Patriarchy

By changing their children's diapers without consent. Luckily, nowadays we have "sexuality experts" to set them straight.

Because by not following their recommendations, dear mother, you are "negating the voices of these brave survivors of sexual abuse.”


  1. Of all the sillies! My philosophy when working with children has been, "If you don't want a no answer, don't ask a question; just make a direct statement." Children don't know what is in their best interest and might not give consent to something that would be necessary for their health and happiness. About the time a child recognizes their autonomy (somewhere between 18 and 36 months) would be a good time to begin teaching them about who has a right to touch them and in what ways.

  2. I guess breastfeeding will be next on the list of things to attack by these "experts". I wouldn't even trust my pet hamster to the care of some of them...(If I had one:)