Sunday, May 27, 2018

Are Feminist Men Less Masculine?

According to a psychological study published by Aleksander B. Gunderson of the University of Oslo, Norway, and Jonas R. Kunst of the University of Oslo and Yale University, people view male feminists as less masculine.

“Many people hold negative stereotypes about feminists,” the authors write in the study abstract. “Verbally, feminist women are often described in masculine terms whereas feminist men tend to be described in feminine terms.”...

The overall findings suggested that the label “feminist” changed the perception of both men and women in the study subjects. Women who called themselves “feminists” were viewed as less feminine, while men who identified as feminists were viewed as less masculine.

I guess that's what overconsumption of soy does to you...


  1. Housewife OutdoorsMay 28, 2018 at 2:12 AM

    A man who calls himself a feminist must be insane. Repulsive.

  2. I guess they think women will go to bed with them if they prove their progressive credentials, but it doesn't appear to work so well:)

  3. I echo the comment of Housewife Outdoors. If there's one thing more repulsive than a female feminist, it's a male feminist...blech!

  4. Modern men keep complaining about how unfeminine women have become...while many of them would rather stay at home with the baby than be a breadwinner. As I've said many times, the laws are pretty much the same in many countries, even in Turkey women go to the uni and even join the army, but you hardly see them behaving the same way Western (especially Anglo) women do. Because, outside of laws, there is still such thing as social control. It exists in the Western world, too. Only here you get shunned when you reject promiscuity and want to be a housewife.

  5. Housewife OutdoorsMay 31, 2018 at 5:13 AM

    I just saw I news of finnish writer (=wrote one novel about polyamory) who said that we have understood romance all wrong. She knew better. Apparently polyamory is the real kind of romance, not "serial monogamy" as she called it.

    Now this has nothing to do with feminist men but something to do with social control. Serial monogamy used to be frowned upon, unless you were widowed, of course. Nowadays if you are really monogamious (and romantic), you are frowned upon and called demisexual, which means "half-frigid". Because shag you must!

    It is interesting how it used to be so that you are supposed to have as little sexual partners as possible, preferably only one. Nowadays people seem to think that everybody has very many partners and the only question is wether you have them one after another (serial monogamy) or all at the same time (polyamory).

    Thinking like that is so common that sometimes I think that maybe my values really are wrong. That people like that are not "sloppy" but normal and I'm just prude.

  6. Well, there is this theory that each new sexual partner leaves parts of his DNA behind in the female's body, which can influence her future children from a different man. There is a reason virgins traditionally were highly valued and widows often had a "reputation". Then you have things like STDs and other stuff. I also just wonder what it does to your immune system, getting DNA from lots of strangers. HPV can cause cervical cancer etc etc. Promiscuous sex is just plain risky, and it destroys women earlier than men, as many other vices do. Western civ is def on a suicide watch since it has allowed its women to run wild and screw strangers.