Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blood And Ideology

Blood is thicker than water says a famous proverb. Other European languages have similar proverbs, too. Yet, modern folks often forget this ancient wisdom. It's really sad to see how some families get divided against political and ideological lines. Since we supposedly live in democracy, it should be considered normal that people will have different opinions. Yet often those who preach tolerance are extremely intolerant to their own family members because of the slight disagreements about some political figure or movement.

I tell you that's ridiculous. Ideology is one of the most powerful weapons used by globalist elites to divide and conquer. Look, my parents and I often don't see eye-to-eye on many things. Yet, I don't care. They are my flesh and blood, and their well-being is infinitely more important to me than that of some stranger who may share the same positions as I do.

Westerners and only Westerners have bought the ridiculous notion that blood ties are unimportant, hook, line and sinker. We even pride ourselves on being so enlightened as to cut off blood relatives because they are not progressive enough, or some such stupidity. We are told that we should have more in common with strangers who share the same ideology than with our own people. A good example is the modern feminist movement which tells women that strange women are their "sisters" and their interests should be more important than that of the males in her family.

By some reason, these idiotic notions have gained more ground in the USA than in Europe. Our women, for instance, tend to be more loyal. Oh yes, they will complain about their menfolks just as much as any other females, but they usually won't side with an outsider against men of their own blood/ethnicity. We are less atomised and still value family ties and friendships above political or religious differences, though I'm not sure for how long.

Of course, there are situations when your family are so destructive that the best thing is to cut off all the contacts, for your own well-being and that of your children. May be, some are busy with criminal activities. May be, they are trying to corrupt the innocence of your children. You can have a misfortune to have a narcissist in your family circle who creates endless drama. They can attack and mock your religion, etc etc. Sometimes breaking off with them is the only way. But to disown your son or daughter/brother or sister because of who they voted for (you know what I mean!) is well beyond retarded.

I should add that women are sometimes bigger offenders than men. They (we) seem to take any disagreement as a personal attack and will hold grudges for years. If the MSM propaganda triggers you to such a degree that you are ready to severe family ties over minor disagreements, may be you should take up cross-stitching instead. Flying off the handle over these things doesn't make women empowered but rather proves that Victorians were right when they suggested that women can't handle political debates.

In the end, many of these controversies are artificially created/exaggerated to provoke extreme emotional reactions in persons of unstable character. It's like having the 5 minutes of hate. Another day, another outrage. Life is too short and your family are too precious to be wasted on such things.


  1. This is true. Now there are extended family who have extended family I wouldn't trust particularly due to matters of religious extremes (middle east issues).... But in general I would count that a family member that is trusted by his or her own immediate family and among the community is a trust-able character. America has a lot of "minority" family issues which seems to be white against "minority" family-ties....but some have mixed heritage.

  2. Part 2: With Hollywood and its various agendas to cover up pedophilia from 20+ years ago, I can say that the "creepy" men and their place in a family do need to be shown that they can't really get-away with that reality but have been pulling "tricks" in Hollywood.

  3. Sometimes your family can be too much trouble to keep in touch:) But I do find it sad when close relatives attack each other about who voted for whom or who supports what politician in the election. Or even about some minor disagreements about politics. In a democracy, people should be allowed to disagree and not freak out about it.

  4. Housewife OutdoorsMay 7, 2018 at 4:14 AM

    I so agree and I don't even like my family that much. :) But they still the ones that matter, not some stranger who shares my political views.

  5. Housewife OutdoorsMay 7, 2018 at 4:18 AM

    I think victorians were right, BTW. At least when I am in question. I have had most horrific arguments about politics with my father, for exemple. I assume he forgets them easily, I don't. My husbands always asks me "Why you started that old fight again?" Yes, why? I love and respect my father but those arguments makes it really hard. (My father is a higly intelligent man but he is so naive he believes EVERYTHING he reads in MSM. You know, all young well-dressed arabs entering country illegally are really in need and we REALLY need them because of the aging population and dependency ratio)

  6. Housewife, one word: boomers! I know something about it:) Didn't your Supreme Court recently decide that a 10-year-old consented to sex with a saintly asylum seeker from Far-away-stan? I hope you aren't trying to compete with Sweden or something...

    Seriously, I hardly talk politics with my parents at all since we never can agree. Still love them to pieces, though.

  7. Housewife OutdoorsMay 8, 2018 at 4:08 AM

    Yes, we ARE competing with Sweden. :( And that is exactly what our Supreme Court decided. But here in Finland the judgements of sexual crimes are allways really, really low. You know, it can be concidered mitigating thing if rapist has a work or he new the victim. You know, raping your sister-in-law is not that bad thing since you are not total strangers...

    But this is not the most pleasant subject to talk about. :)

  8. Well, at least it doesn't mean that he was treated better because of his "victim" status, which certainly happens in some other countries, where certain categories of people aren't expected to behave responsibly, you know:) So prob not Sweden level still:)

    Enfin, it's nothing to gloat about as we are all in it together...