Monday, February 26, 2018

Winter Fashions

I bought this magazine quite some time ago:

It was actually a January issue and had some really cute patterns in it:

I decided to try my hand at this skirt:

It consists of 4 parts. I cut them out and numbered them, and what do you think??? One of them disappeared. Simply vanished into the thin air:) I spent like an hour looking for it till I thought I was going crazy. My husband came home and suggested that I had accidentally thrown it away with the garbage. Well, that kinda made sense and I had a lot of fabric still left so I cut it out anew. I'll show you the results when it's finished:)

Right now it's cold though, like really cold. Freezing temperatures and they say it's going to be -9*C Thursday night. We haven't had a winter like this for about 6 years, so I had to search in my closets for some warm winter clothes and found this:

Here is a close-up of the cap. I do think it looks smart:) By the way, the stuff you see lying on the window sill is not there by chance, but to stop at least some of the cold air from getting inside. We are sleeping under 4 blankets, too:)

Here are a couple of outside pics:

You can see the water is frozen. The sky looks cold and beautiful:

The cats still go outside for a couple of hours, but prefer staying indoors for much of their time. Can't say I blame them:)

The guinea pig found a new house for herself:

So that was my show-and-tell Monday:))


  1. We had -18 this morning when I took dog for her walk. And 6 m/s wind, so it was equivalent to -30 degrees.

    I like it when its cold and snowy but I could do without the wind. Almost got a frostbite on my cheek.

  2. Yes, the wind makes it so much colder, doesn't it? The main thing when it's cold is to keep your feet warm. The problem is, most of our winters are warm so the folks over here don't often have really good winter boots or jackets.