Saturday, February 10, 2018

Does Feminism Serve A Purpose?

Men of the 1960s went along with feminism because they were promised free and abundant sex without any strings attached, while women would earn their own living and/or be subsidised by the state. So the men basically exchanged their authority for a responsibility-free life.

However, in the Anglosphere, and most notably in the USA, feminism didn't deliver on its promises. In fact, most men complaining about feminism on the internet, don't really advocate the return of the traditional society, but rather bemoan the fact that they are still expected to provide. However, since they feel cheated, some of them, especially the younger generation start turning against the idea of equality itself. With the onset of #metooism, even the so-called corporate "alphas" become wary of getting involved with women too closely with the result that sexual egalitarianism in America is losing its popularity.

Not so in Europe. Euro countries were more patriarchal to begin with, with men by law being saddled with providing for their widowed sisters as well as aged parents in some countries. Working weeks were long and men were just expected to keep on going, with sexual mores often stricter. The same year that the father's authority over the family was officially abolished in my country, the working week was also made shorter.

Since that time, lots of things changed. A man can knock a girl up but unless he agrees to fatherhood he doesn't have to support her or the children. He doesn't have to marry since shacking up is perfectly acceptable. He isn't solely responsible for the mortgage since the girl will keep on working. Divorce is allowed for any reason with equal custody arrangement available, the house is either sold and the proceeds divided equally or it goes to the one who is the chief breadwinner, spousal support is temporary and seldom awarded etc etc.

In my country, men complain that women aren't feminist enough and still entertain silly ideas of staying home with their kids. Porn isn't considered creepy as in the USA and the culture is much more "sex positive''. So (apart from destruction of the family) what's not to like?

In other words, the more aggressive Northern American feminism is resulting in more opposition from men with the chance that it will also collapse sooner while here it's still Woodstock. Men still haven't got enough of it. They don't seem to realise apparently, that when the men of the tribe become weak, another tribe comes along the winner go the spoils. Does it mean that American guys are our only hope in restoring a traditional society? I don't know. I guess the future will tell...


  1. The thing that is a little different in USA to other European countries is that there is a lot of ISRAEL support.... or at least 2% or greater of the population support Israel (still quite a patriarchy nation). And then at least half the population is minority or have ancestry that is minority and they KNOW the effects of losing the men of their tribe.....pain and regret.

  2. Laura, not sure what Israel has to do with it, since from what I know many women there are quite feminist and work. There was even a lady blogging about it who lived there. By this logic we should be more patriarchal since we have more moslems:)

    It is well so that the US gov-t invests a lot into its military hence there is less money for social programs so the men are still expected to provide more support, while in Europe, the gov-t often takes over. Now if they once run of money (of which there are signs) they won't be able a) to provide women with employment since most work for the state; b) provide them with welfare, subsidised housing etc. Then the burden will probably switch back to men. It will be an interesting situation.

  3. Americans also are more religious and tend to object more to what they perceive as slutty behaviour. Many still think women should be chaste while feminism encourages promiscuity but only on female terms. So both men who chase this type of girls and religious men aren't happy:)

  4. I should clarify. I mean similar to the "religion" belief that inspires more patriarchy. Israel has religious areas.

    Yes, there are more "feminist" types of JEwish/middle eastern women in America, but many are prized as a good women only if they stand for what is right (like Judge Judy, or Dr. Laura). Feminism (meaning slutty behavior) is seen as a weakened person with no moral or self-control in USA, though some pockets and areas have swingers.

  5. It is my personal opinion that any system functions just as long as the majority of men go along with it. Northern American feminism is more aggressively anti-male (as demonstrated by all these men's websites) hence more and more men start rejecting it. Here it's more men-friendly, so to say. Of course, men will complain about positive discrimination and *itchy attitude of women, but as long as free sex is easy to get they don't seem to mind the deal so much.

    1. Good post and this comment is really very, very wise.

      I wish feminists would understand that what we western women have is what western men have given to us. And they can take it all away if they wish. We didn't for example "fight" the right to vote. It was given to us by men in high positions. At least here in Finland where women got the right to vote same time when most of the male population got it too. Earlier only the landowners where allowed to vote.

  6. So I guess my point is may be worse is sometimes better?

  7. America is falling. If some country is about to save christian values, it will be Russia. Russia has never actually bought feminism in the way more western countries did.

    Here in nordic countries things are really, really bad. I spent time at one forum where majority of finnish women go. :) (And quite a many men.) I learned last week that nowadays most people seem to think that

    1. your new partner doesn't need to know about your former sex affairs at all, it isn't concidered normal to talk about your past with your spouse! "What's the point, one can always lie".

    2. Both men and women seem to think that one's sexual past tells nothing about that person. "Having multiple sex partners doesn't make one a slut anymore." You get ridiculed if you suggest that person who has casual sex lack impulse control, common sense, and *gusp* morals. Morals do not exist anymore when it comes to sex. People do not even see that casual sex is very risky behaviour, especially for woman.

    3. Apparently it is not even much to have 20 sex partners before you are 40. That was stunning: I haven't met 20 men who wouldn't irritate me but obviously in casual sex it doesn't matter if the man in question is irritating or stupid as long as he -well, nevermind.

    Sorry about the rant again. But this country is so wrecked that I sometimes question my own values: if I am the only one thinking this way, isn't it likely that I am wrong?

  8. Housewife, I've been thinking about writing a post on this very topic. Have you noticed that the first insult a female prog will hurl at right-wing men is that they have a small p*enis or can't get laid? Because one's objective in,life is to get laid as much as possible, I guess? Since when has it become fashionable to be a degenerate?

  9. I don't know about Russia, I think the USA is very divided, however, they do have some advantages over us. They still have freedom of speech, though it's under attack; they are allowed to possess weapons freely and it's easy to homeschool. But I agree that the whole Western society is fairly screwed up by now.

  10. Homeschooling is a huge advantage to USA, that is true.

    I think one reason why Europian countries have such strick gun laws is that progressives and feminists want to de-masculate(?) men. Nations of p*ssies (pardon my language) are easier to control...

  11. An interesting thing about weapons is that in medieval times and before, slaves were prohibited from carrying weapons. That marked the difference between a slave and a free man. Something to consider...