vrijdag 23 februari 2018

Making the Home A Pleasant Place

A new great video from Lydia Sherman:

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  1. You are welcome! It was a lovely video.

  2. Housewife Outdoors26 februari 2018 om 05:05

    I loved the make-up she is wearing. I must try something like that myself. I am not a big fan of make-up but little something would be nice every once in a while. But my eyes and skin are so tender that no commercial make-up will do. Even mineral powder is too harsh to wash away. And also if you use make-up like twice a year they go bad... But DIY edible make-up sounds wonderful. The lippy is really nice color.

    Powder used to be rice flour, didn't it? Back in Marie Antoinette days?

  3. I've gone years without make-up:) Not because I'm against it in principle, but because of all the chemicals they put into it. I use coconut oil and glycerine for my skin. It works fine for me. I think you are right about rice powder. And didn't they use beets for rouge in the past, too?

  4. Housewife Outdoors27 februari 2018 om 02:24

    I don't know about rouge. But I am thinking if cranberry powder would work for lippy? I have seen it in shops and the color would be really nice. I must do some experiments.

  5. Never seen cranberry powder sold over here but could be a good idea to try...

  6. Hello Sanne! This is your long lost reader/friend, Mrs.O.
    I have been taking a bit of a break reading blogs. I have missed your writing, getting caught up. So many interesting posts, indeed.
    Would you mind sharing how you use the coconut and glycerin?
    I have gone back and forth over make up. Like you, it's not on principle, but I have chosen not to wear it. It just looks so silly on me as I age. I used to wear some daily (never tons) and just stopped 6 years ago.
    I recently tried to go back and just can't get it right.
    One of my older daughters suggest I just use a good moisturizer and tinted lip balm, this is why I ask about your oil/glycerin combo.
    God bless and truly enjoying catching up!!

  7. Hello, Mrs.O!
    Nice to hear from you:)
    I use coconut oil/glycerin instead of skin creme, that is I just apply it in the same manner you would apply skin creme. It works fine for me. BTW, I just recently bought a new lipstick, because we had to go to a party. But I always forget to use it daily:)

    Have a blessed Easter!

  8. Thank you! Do you prefer mix them?

  9. You are welcome!

    No, but I think you could. Coconut oil is fatter and less quickly absorbed.


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